How to Get the Barbarian Armor and Upgrades

This is a guide to Barbarian Armor, Barbarian Dresses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Read on to see information about this piece of armor including stats, upgrade materials, effects, and price.

Savage armor stats and effects


Basic information

Barbarian Armor Type Upgradable Ao Dai Yes Base Defense Rating 3 Max Defense Rating 20 Attack Effects Armor was once favored by an ancient warrior tribe from the Faron region. Equipping it increases your attack power.

Barbarian suit

Barbarian Armor is part of the Barbarian Set. Equip all shards for the set reward to take effect. Read: how to upgrade savage armor Barbarian Helm Barbarian Barbarian Leg Wraps Set Bonus Charge Attack Stamina Up

Upgrade barbarian armor and necessary materials

Upgrade Material Defense Rating Requires 1 5 2 8 3 12 4 20

How to get Barbarian Armor

How to get Barbarian Armor

How to get the Barbarian armor grantor’s shop (Armor Shop)

Location and Price

Location Lomei Maze Buy Price 4000 Sell Price 600 Read more: how to install a wall-mounted toiletBack to armor list

List of armor by type

Types of Armor BotW Greaves Headdress

List of all Ao Dai

Neck Cuirass Barbarian Armor Champion’s Tunic’s Tunic Climbing Gear Desert Voe Spaulder Flamebreaker Armor Gerudo Top Hylian Tunic Island Lobster Shirt Shirt Nintendo Switch Old Shirt Phantom Armor Phantom Ganon Armor Radiant Shirt Royal Guard Uniform Armor Rubber Salvager Vest Snowquill Tunic Soldier’s Armor Stealth Chest Guard Guard Tingle’s shirt Tunic of the Wild Warm Doublet Zora Armor Black Ao Dai Fierce Idol’s Dress Ao Dai of the Sky Ao Dai of Time Ao Dai of the Sunset Ao Dai of Heroes Ao Dai of the Wind

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