how to get more dwellers fallout shelter

Dwellers are key to your Vault’s success in Fallout Shelter. The game will give you a few to start with but getting more is up to you. Learn how to get more Dwellers in Fallout Shelter here! Read: how to get more Dwellers in Shelter due to devastation Read more: how to jailbreak galaxy note 4There are several different ways to get Dwellers in Fallout Shelter.From Wasteland – This is how you will get most of your early game Dwellers. The game will connect you with about 10-12 of them instantly and from there it drops VERY quickly. I was able to get about 3 more before my first child was born. You can increase your chances of getting a Dweller on the wasteland by building a radio station in your Vault. If you upgrade it, you will have a higher chance. I’m not sure if building much will help you more, I’m testing it right now.Baby, Baby, Baby! – This is the most reliable way to increase your Vault population. Bring a male and female Dweller to the living quarters and wait for the magic to happen. To speed this up, give them some sort of Glamor outfit to make them flirt faster. The baby will take about 4 hours to be born and about that time to grow into a usable Dweller. Remember that babies still need resources so be prepared for that! Read more: how to deodorize dog poop | Top Q&A wants most of the women in my cellar to get pregnant at the same time so that my population grows rapidly. However, this will prevent the women from dealing with disaster, so be careful with that. If you do this then you REALLY need to make sure you have extra resources.Lunch box – My strongest resident comes from opening a random Lunchbox that I get form targets. Early on, they might be the best to send to the Wasteland for more loot and Caps. Though then they are best used in the Vault for increased productivity. You can take armor from a rare Dweller and wear it to others so they can explore the Wasteland. I do not recommend buying Lunchboxes, they are not necessary to progress in the game. How to get more residents in the shelter after failurePlease check back soon for more updates! Read more: how to convert amazon gift cards to steam

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