How To Get Into Site Charlie Fallout 76

Gain access to silos

Even with all eight nuclear launch codes, you will still be denied access to the elevator down to the bunker. Only high ranking army generals can achieve such feats – but there is a faction in Appalachia that has the connections to help you get there. to a secret bunker in The Mire, located in the Abandoned Garbage, and guarded by two level 20 Deathclaws. Solve the puzzles inside and you’ll gain access to the Enclave’s HQ – but will have to take further tests to prove your worth. Read: how to get to the website charlie fallout 76After officially joining the faction, you will be informed that the Enclave has limited access to the military reward system. After enlisting (which you can do by taking a basic training course at Camp McClintock), you’ll be able to raise your profile by doing quests for the Enclave until you become an Enclave. Heroes – and have access to Silos Alpha, Bravo, and Charlie. You can also get Nuclear Launch Cards from restricted troops in the Enclave.

Alpha, Bravo and Charlie Silo’s

Read more: How to tell your boss you have diarrheaThe next step is to enter one of the three missile silosAlpha, Bravo, or Charlie. Each is accessed via an unguarded elevator, which you will be able to activate simply by becoming a general, but once you get underground the real work begins. You will have to fight through many areas filled with robots and laser turrets, completing objectives to open the laser grid in each space. Stock up on food, water and Radaway as well as ammo and fusion cores, as you’ll be here for a while. You should also carry some lethal weapons in case you run out of ammo. The number of robots will increase as you bring more friends, so it won’t be easier to start with a capable army. and turning off their targeting parameters so they hit the resurgent attackers and defenders you’ll be up against will help a lot. they will not be marked on the HUD. Listen for the hissing sound they make and follow the steam to find them. You will then need to break out some of the cores of the mainframe, which are the ones with the red lights in the image below. Read more: how to write a post-apocalyptic storyfallout 76 launch silo codesDisappointingly, your next goal will have to replace 15 of those mainframe cores to open the final door. Some replacement materials can be found on shelves, but you can also craft replacements with broken cores, circuits, and steel at a nearby tin bench. However, be warned that there is a bug that can make them disappear from your inventory and plug them into the terminal that opens the door. It seems to be more likely to trigger if you’re carrying more than three at a time. If you’re not sick of laser turrets by now, you certainly will. Use your kernel keycard in the holder (it will be used up since it’s a disposable item), enter the decrypted launch code and it’s all over. a bomb on and pick up some sweet irradiated loot. By this point, you’ve played long enough to antagonize someone worth going to hell and back. Like a guy who keeps hopping around the crafting station in his underwear while you’re trying to turn trash into scrap. Read more: how to make a flower from tulle

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