how to get infinity gauntlet in roblox

Spring has finally arrived and Easter may be over, but there’s still time to get in on it Roblox The Egg Hunt holiday event literally takes place with the finding of Easter eggs and infinity stones. , Thanos and the infamous Infinity Gauntlet. Read: How to get the Infinity Gauntlet in roblox Want to get your hands on the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet egg you covet? You won’t see it just lying anywhere, but instead, you need to pick up 5 other eggs first. Take a look and go to unlock the precious egg!

How to get Infinity Gauntlet Roblox Eggs

To get the final final item of the 2019 Scrambled In Time Egg Hunt event, you first need Collect all five secret Avenger eggs (Sounds to the collection of the infinity stones, of course). They are:

  • Black Widow Egg
  • Captain America Eggs
  • Captain Marvel’s Egg
  • Iron Man Eggs
  • Thor’s Egg

Read more: how to kill a spider without getting close to it To get any of these eggs, you’ll first need to unlock a special red ship that allows you to fly around the event center area.The display shows the hole to send the key Hole to the ship key (thanks Conor3D for the screenshot) After collecting any three non-Avengers eggs during the Scrambled In Time Event (it doesn’t matter which one you get specifically), The central gate in the lobby will unlockGo through it to get to the special Avengers area, then run down the long pink path until you see the big brown circular building, which is actually Thor’s temple.Check along the back of the building for a hole in the ground where you can get a glowing key next to a row of screens. Climb back up the path and then run to the ship on the nearby runway to use the key to access this flying vehicle. background jump/jumping puzzle. At the end of each shrine is an egg specific to that character. Read more: how to get the lionessCaptain America Shield Finding Captain America’s Egg at the end of the skydiving game you can solve the temple puzzles in any order, but here’s what you need to look for as you fly around the event center to find each temple :

  • Temple of the Black Widow: This black cascading ziggurat building is easily seen on the side of Thor’s temple, but to get to it you actually need to land in the hole at the bottom end of the pink floating island, after Then run around the island to reach the stone path leading to the temple.
  • Captain America’s Temple: This red, white, and blue dome shaped like this Captain’s shield is pretty easy to spot on another pink island.
  • Captain Marvel’s Temple: This smaller, dark red and blue building is hard to see from the air, but you can find it by looking at the end of a long stone bridge that spans a pink pond.
  • Temple of Iron Man: This brown and red pyramid is clearly visible across the abyss from Captain America’s temple.
  • Temple of Thor: This is actually the big brown circular building where you find the key, but you can’t enter through the normal door like other temples. Instead, go around to the side until you see a cracked wall, then knock the wall down to get inside.
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A Roblox Character Becomes Iron Man Entering Iron Man’s Temple Opposite Captain America’s Temple After obtaining the fifth Avengers egg, you’re finally rewarded with the Thanos Infinity Gauntlet egg! Having trouble with any other aspect of the Scrambled In Time egg hunt? Let us know what you can’t find and we’ll find you, and be sure to check out our other Roblox tutorial here.After smashing your Thanos egg, enjoy watching Avengers: End Game this weekend – but don’t drop any software!! Read more: how to tell if a mare is in heat

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