How To Get Gears In Don’t Starve Together

Gears are one of the most helpful resources players can find in Don’t Starve and especially in Don’t Starve Together. In some versions of Don’t Starve, Gears are a finite resource, meaning that players are going to want to be specific about what they use Gears on.Gears can be used to craft various structures in Don’t Starve, used to craft various weapons in Don’t Starve Together and can be used to upgrade WX-78 players while playing all versions of Don’t Starve. In most cases, players should have enough Gears to craft all of the structures that they need and still upgrade WX-78.Reading: how to get gears in don’t starve together



Gears are dropped by all of the Clockwork Mobs that can be found across The Constant in Don’t Starve and Don’t Starve Together. There are three Clockwork Mobs that can be found across The Constant, being Clockwork Knights, Clockwork Bishops and Clockwork Rooks.Each Clockwork Mob has a 100% chance to drop 2 Gears and does not have the ability to respawn. If players have run out of live Clockwork Mobs in the overworld they can head down to the Caves to find more.Players can also dig up Graves for a 3.07% chance of a Gear, though, again Graves do not respawn. Graves are by far one of the easiest ways to collect Gears in the base game, though, in the DLC versions of Don’t Starve (SW, HAM & RoG) and Don’t Starve Together (DST) players will have a few other options, which we will cover respectively.


Broken Clockworks can either be repaired or destroyed depending on what players want or need. To repair a Broken Clockwork, players will need to use 3 Gears.Repaired Broken Clockworks will appear as Damaged Clockworks (Damaged Knight, Damaged Rook, or Damaged Bishop) and will fight by your side. If Damaged Clockworks are killed they will only have a 60% chance to drop 1 Gear meaning players may want to destroy Broken Clockworks rather than repair them.Players can destroy Broken Clockworks with a Hammer for the chance of various loot. When players try to destroy a Broken Clockwork there is a chance that Lightning will strike and spawn an extra Damaged Rook, Damaged Bishop or Damaged Knight.The following are the drops Broken Clockworks have a chance of dropping when destroyed with a Hammer:DON’T STARVE (DS & RoG)1 Frazzled Wire with a 55% chance for a second one25% chance for 1 Gear with a 10% chance for a second if the pile is repaired25% chance of Melty Marbles (Trinket)5% chance of a Green Gem5% chance of an Orange Gem5% chance of a Yellow Gem5% chance of a Purple Gem5% chance of a Red Gem1% chance of Thulecite and 5% chance for a second if the pile is repairedDON’T STARVE TOGETHER (DST)While players have the chance of receiving the same amount of Frazzled Wires, Gears and Melty Marbles from destroying Broken Clockworks in Don’t Starve Together (DST) the chances for Gems and Thulecite are different. The following are the changes in DST:25% chance of a Red Gem5% chance of a Green Gem5% chance of an Orange Gem5% chance of a Yellow Gem5% chance of a Purple Gem1% chance for Thulecite (there is no chance of a second drop)


Clockworks are fairly easy to kite, though players may want to train Pigs or other forms of followers to kill them with no repercussions. Characters like Wendy, Wurt and Webber are the most helpful when trying to kill Clockworks as their followers/Abigail can deal high damage without the risk of the player being killed.Never light Clockworks on fire while trying to battle them as death by fire can often lead to Ashes instead of Gears.Read more: how to make cut shots in poolwinona pigs ham bat catapult spotlight dont starve


While playing Don’t Starve (RoG) or Don’t Starve Together (DST), Gears are unlimited as they have a 1% chance to drop from Tumbleweed.Tumbleweed comes from an invisible spawner that can be found in the Desert Biome. Players can get up to 3 items per Tumbleweed and while drop chances can be as low as 0.01% for rare items like Yellow and Purple Gems, Tumbleweeds still remain one of the best/easiest ways to farm rare resources.Luckily, due to the number of items that can be built with Gears in RoG and DST players will also be able to find more Chess Biomes that feature the various Clockwork Mobs. Chess biomes may also have Gears laying on the ground, so even if you’re not powerful enough to destroy the Clockwork Mobs you should still swing by to pick up potential Gears.Players should be aware that Marble Sculptures can be farmed for Gears during the Full Moon by defeating the regular Clockworks during the Full Moon or the Shadow Pieces during the New Moon. Players will have to go in search of Suspicious Marble pieces across the map in hopes of repairing said Marble Sculptures, so if you’re in need of Gears and don’t have Caves, get to fighting!At the end of the day, the best way to get Gears in both Reign of Giants and Don’t Starve Together is by going into the Ruins and defeating Damaged Clockworks and breaking Broken Clockworks. Charging the ruins is usually the recommended way of powering up WX-78 early.

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The Shipwrecked DLC introduced a number of new ways to collect Gears. The safest way is to shovel Sandy Piles which have a 0.2% chance to yield gears as well as some other rare items. Sandy Piles regenerate after every 2-4 days during Mild and Dry Seasons and during Hurricane and Monsoon Seasons they will grow back twice as fast.Players should be careful while harvesting Sandy Piles as if Sandy Piles are destroyed they will not regenerate. Sandy Piles can only be excavated with Shovels, though once dug up they can be destroyed by hand. To avoid this, players should let go of the spacebar as soon as the Sandy Piles are dug up.Players can also get Gears by using a Slot Machine which is found in the Mangrove Biome. The Slot Machine should appear next to a few Dubloons and will cost 5 Sanity. The Slot Machine will gain about -5 Sanity for every 20 Dubloons spent on it.Dubloons can be collected from Booty Bags, Parrot Pirates and the Yaarctopus, making certain rare resources unlimited. Players have a 50% chance for basic items, 33.3% chance to be attacked by Mobs, and a 16.6% chance to receive a selection of valuable items.Players can also receive Gears from a Message in a Bottle/X Marks the Spot, which is completely renewable when playing Woodlegs. For more information about drop chances, I recommend checking out the Wiki here.


In the Hamlet DLC, players can purchase Gears for 10 Oincs at ‘The Sty’ Oddities Emporium or by killing the Large Iron Hulk.By far, collecting Gears in Hamlet is straightforward and easy!weather pain dont starve together wormwood


Gears can be used differently in each version of Don’t Starve and depending on what character players are using, players may want to use Gears differently.The following are all the items players can craft using Gears and when and why they would want to craft them:DIVINING RODDiving Rods can be very useful, especially for players who are not using any mods. Diving Rods can be crafted using the Science Tab with 4 Nightmare Fuel, 1 Twig and 1 Gear.The Divining Rod requires an Alchemy Engine to prototype and will signal whether Maxwell’s Door or one of his Things is located nearby.Players will receive a free Divining Rod during each level in Adventure Mode, meaning that players will not need to craft it unless trying to find Maxwell’s Door.ICE BOX (DS, RoG & DST)The most important structure players can build using Gears is the Ice Box. Ice Boxes can be crafted in all forms of Don’t Starve, however, while playing the base game players will require 2 Gold Nuggets, 1 Gear and 1 Board (4 Logs). In all other DLCs players will need 2 Gold Nuggets, 1 Cut Stone (3 Rocks) and 1 Gear. In all versions of Don’t Starve, players will require an Alchemy Engine to craft an Ice Box, though Wickerbottom will only require a Science Machine.Ice Boxes will reduce any food’s spoil rate by 50% and can hold up to 9 items or stacks at a time. Ice Boxes can keep Ice, Hail, Ice Cubes and Fashion Melons stored indefinitely.Although Snow Chester and Endothermic Fires are much more reliable measures of keeping your Thermal Stones chilled, Ice Boxes can be used to keep to get through the Summer and other various hot seasons.When playing single-player Don’t Starve players will probably only need one Ice Box, though you may not even need one if you’re playing as WX-78 since WX-78 takes no penalties from spoiled food. Similarly, Wormwood players may not need an Ice Box as they can rely on their crops. Though some characters might not need an Ice Box it can always come in handy especially if you are playing in a world that has Winter or Summer.Ice Boxes can also be useful for keeping Hambats, Bat Bats or any other weapons that spoil over time.Ice Boxes are most useful for characters with food modifiers such as Wolfgang and Wes. The Ice Box will help you stockpile foods for the Winter to ensure that you’re always dealing max damage with Wolfgang and not starving to death as Wes.If players do not have Gears to craft an Ice Box and Winter is nearing, consider building yourself a Birdcage as they can provide players with unlimited Eggs. Eggs can be unlimitedly refreshed without the use of an Ice Box.Players can also skip over building the Ice Box if they have the recipe for Bundling Wrap, which is acquired by killing Bees in single-player Don’t Starve or killing the Bee Queen in Don’t Starve Together.ICE FLINGOMATIC (RoG & DST)One of the more expensive structures players can build with Gears is the Ice Flingomatic. Ice Flingomatics cost 15 Ice, 2 Gears, and 2 Electrical Doodads. Players must have an Alchemy Engine to prototype an Ice Flingomatic and on average a player will want to have 3 Ice Flingomatics in their main base.Read more: UFC 2 guide – beginner’s tips and tricksIce Flingomatics are meant to help extinguish fires and put out smouldering objects. Ice Flingomatics have two settings, being Emergency Mode and “on-mode.” In Emergency Mode, Flingomatics will only turn on during an emergency (15 seconds into a fire) effectively saving energy/fuel as an Ice Flingomatic that is in on-mode will continually drain (slowly) even when not in use. In my opinion, if you are using your Ice Flingomatics to protect your base, you shouldn’t fear always having them, especially if you are a newer player or are in the Spring or Summer seasons.Since players are at a higher risk of fires in the Spring due to Lightning and Summer due to wildfires, players may not want to risk putting their Ice Flingomatics in the Emergency Mode, since there is a risk of the Flingomatic being unable to stop a roaring Fire, especially if resources are not in range. In reality, Ice Flingomatics aren’t difficult to refuel as they can take almost any resource as fuel, unlike Winona’s inventions.When playing Don’t Starve Together it might be a good idea to avoid building Ice Flingomatics for your first Summer and instead head to the Oasis-Desert biome so there is no risk of wildfires. Spending your Summer in the Oasis-Desert can help you save Gears for more aggressive or battle tactics.Sometimes Ice Flingomatics are better used for non-fire related tasks, such as reviving withered plants such as Berry Bushes, Saplings, and Grass Tufts. Again, this means using Ice Flingomatics throughout the Summer; however, using Ice Flingomatics can save you lots of Manure and Rot, which you would end up using to revive said plants.The most interesting use for Ice Flingomatics is creating “automatic farms” by placing an Ice Flingomatic close to Bunnymen, Pigs or Spiders to help keep them frozen. When an aggressive Mob targets a player, the Ice Flingomatic will immediately turn on freezing them upon touch. I would recommend building walls to help keep the Mobs from getting close to your camp, but overall Iceflingomatic farms seem to be one of the best ways to avoid taking damage while smacking aggressive Mobs.While Ice Flingomatics emit enough light to ward off Charlie, they do not provide enough light for players to use them as a light source to work near. Speaking of light, Ice Flingomatics will turn off all Camp Fires, Fire Pits, Endothermic Fire Pits and Endothermic Fires in range. Players can download a mod for Don’t Starve Together to avoid this, though placing a fire outside of the Ice Flingomatic’s range also an option.Similarly, players can download a mod to check the Ice Flingomatic’s range, though having a prebuilt Ice Flingomatic in your inventory will force the already placed Ice Flingomatic to show its range.wolfgang ice flingomatic box salt farm fireINSULATED PACK (RoG & DST)Honestly, why build this? The Insulated Pack requires 3 Gears, 3 Electrical Doodads and 1 Thick Fur to craft. Players will also need an Alchemy Engine to craft this beaut, but again, I’m not sure why players would want to.The Insulated Pack provides players with 6 (RoG) or 8 (DST) extra inventory slots that slow down food spoilage by 50%, basically acting like a portable Ice Box. When looked at closely the Insulated Pack acts very much like Snow Chester, though it will not be able to freeze Thermal Stones. Not being able to freeze Thermal Stones makes the Insulated Pack fairly useless in my opinion and I would prefer to save my Gears on an Ice Box, which is cheaper.Although we’re not talking about Thick Fur, I thought I would just put it out there that players should probably save it for the Hibearnation Vest, which gives players 4.4 Sanity per minute and slows down hunger loss by 25%. The Hibearnation Vest has 240 Insulation, making it equal to a Beefalo Hat with extra perks. Get to crafting this bad boy, you won’t regret it, especially in the Winter.WEATHER PAIN (RoG & DST)While the Weather Pain is a bit of a random battle object, it’s one of my favourite weapons in all of Don’t Starve. The Weather Pain requires 10 Down Feathers, 1 Volt Goat Horn and 1 Gear to craft. Similar to many other items, the Weather Pain requires an Alchemy Engine to prototype and acts as a ranged weapon.Players can right-click while the Weather Pain is equipped, dealing up to 42 damage per second and summoning a whirlwind that will bounce between Mobs or resources. The Weather Pain is best used on tree farms who’s Trees are planted extremely close to one another, Mobs like the Big Tentacles, Spider Queens or Poison Birchnut Trees.I would recommend putting yourself into creative mode to experience the Weather Pain if you do not have access to it or the resources required to create it, just to try it out. It’s damn fun!Warning: Maxwell’s Shadow Puppets can get hit by the Weather Pain as can Wendy’s sister Abigail.QUACKEN DRILL (SW)Quacken Drills are a Shipwrecked exclusive items that allow players to create Tar Slicks. Quacken Drills require 2 Electrical Doodads, 1 Quacken Beak and 1 Gear.Since Tar Slicks are usually found in the Medium Ocean or Deep Ocean players may find them inconveniently placed around the map. So, if you’re experiencing that, grab yourself the Quacken Drill to keep the Tar coming!OSCILLATING FAN (HAM)For those of you struggling with Hay Fever or the effects of Fog in the Hamlet DLC then the Oscillating Fan is going to be your best friend. Oscillating Fans require 2 Alloys, 2 Electrical Doodads and 1 Gear to craft and will require an Alchemy Engine to prototype.When an Oscillating Fan is turned on it will both reduce the effects of Hay Fever and dry off the player from any Wetness they are experiencing. Similar to the Ice Flingomatic, Oscillating Fans can be turned on and off and must be fueled every 5 days.Unlike Ice Flingomatics, which can still turn off fires when left unfueled in Don’t Starve Together, Oscillating Fans will not turn on at all without fuel.BLUNDERBUSS (HAM)The Blunderbuss is another one of my favourite weapons players can use in Don’t Starve, though I hate the fact that it is limited to the Hamlet DLC. The Blunderbus requires an Alchemy Engine to prototype and requires 2 Boards, 1 Tenpiece Oinc and 1 Gear to craft.When the Blunderbuss is loaded with Gunpowder it can deal 200 ranged Damage, making it one of the most powerful weapons in all of Don’t STarve.ACCOMPLOSHRINE (CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE)There is only one use for the Accomploshire, which requires 10 Gold Nuggets, 6 Gears and 1 Cut Stone to craft. Players will need an Alchemy Engine to prototype an Accomploshrine and it’s only use is to receive two PSN/Xbox achievements.

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Although I’ll probably dive deeper into Wagstaff on a later date, I thought I would take some time to cover some of the exclusive items Wagstaff gets when playing single-player Don’t Starve. Wagstaff is the only character, other than WX-78 who uses Gears in any of the Don’t Starve franchise.TELIPADThe Telipad is a device that allows players to teleport to a set location in The Constant. It requires 2 Cut Stone, 1 Gear and 1 Electrical Doodad. Players are able to set down multiple Telipads as a player can only use a Telipad when they are in range.Players must have a Telebrella to use a Telepad. Telebrellas can be made using 1 Electrical Doodad and 1 Pretty Parasol. Telebrellas only have 10 uses.THUMPERBy far one of my favourite structures a player can build in Don’t Starve while using Wagstaff is the Thumper. The Thumper is quite a costly device, needing players to surrender 6 Flint, 2 Hammers and 1 Gear.For that many resources you must expect the world from the Thumper and the world you will get. The Thumper has the ability to destroy nearby structures and Trees when activated. Use the Thumper to create the smoothest tree farm you could ever ask for.The Thumper deals 30 damage per hit making it useful for seasonal bosses, Beefalo, or any annoying Mobs you don’t want to deal with.Read more: how to play my heart will go on on recorder

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