How To Get Free Coins In Clash Royale

Clash Royale Tricks: how to get free gems and endless gold – Anyone who plays at Clash Royale knows what basic gems are like. Earning them is not easy, especially not easy to earn a lot of gems and there are many sites out there that claim to be able to get them for free with hacks or tools. The two methods we recommend below are the ones that seem to work the most. It’s about getting loads of free coins and gems so you don’t have to spend all day sticking to the game to gain experience or have to spend real money to buy gems. The methods mentioned have not been tested by us directly: good collection of coins and gems. Read: how to get free coins in clash royale Read more: how to fix play sharing on ps4 Clash Royale Tricks: Get Free Gems and Unlimited Gold


  • To get infinite gems in Clash Royale, you need to find the source code on your mobile device.
  • Go into the folder Clash Royale where it was installed in the memory and look for the file named “Res”.
  • Open it, then click on csv_logic and open the Achievement file with the Text Viewer.
  • You will see a list of all the trophies you have unlocked. Tap “edit” and find the point where your gems are assigned. You will find some numeric values.
  • The first value should always be “1” without quotes, the second is the value you want. You can enter any number that will be the gem number, so it could also be 999999999.
  • Repeat the same number in the third group of numbers. Finally, do not change the fourth and last number.
  • Now hit save, exit and open Clash Royale. Once you have started the game go to Achievements and here you will find the number you entered in the source file. If you don’t understand some of the steps, put them below the video the youtuber discovered.
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    Another method that seems to work very well is explained by youtuber Clash Royale Tricks. Using this online tool, you must perform the following steps:

  • Enter the username you have in the game Clash Royale
  • Enter the number of gems and gold you want to get: the sum of the two should not be more than 100 thousand so you can take 50 thousand and 50 thousand without making a mistake
  • Press the Create button -> confirm
  • Read more: how to change grams to newtons Now to the part where we DO NOT RECOMMEND doing the least that you don’t want to risk signing up: you must enter your phone number, you will receive a text message with code to enter and you have to hit “click and sign up” (and if as a kid you were told not to take candy from strangers, in 2017 the mantra was “don’t tap subscribers.” Now, youtuber Clash Royale Tricks as we see in the video below suggests sending an instant sms message to the number where you received the PIN with the word “STOP.” This, according to youtuber Cheats Clash Royale and the comments below , should stop the subscription immediately, so you shouldn’t risk it. hasn’t done this verification so we can’t guarantee it.In the video below all the steps are explained again!


    In the video below is a tip for Clash Royale to generate free and unlimited gems… will it work? We haven’t tested this yet, so we leave you with a difficult question: if you follow the instructions and you will find yourself in the game with so many gems that you can no longer count, it means the video is active. Here’s the video, please check it out: And if you don’t have the game yet but want to try it out, you can download it for iOS and Android.Read more: How to Make a Propeller in Six Days | Top Q&A

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