How To Get Free Chaturbate Tokens

How to get real chat tokens for free (Hint: It has nothing to do with ‘Token Generator’ or ‘Hacks’)

What you need


What is the value of chaturbate tokenTo get free Chaturbate tokens, you need to open a Chaturbate account first. To sign up, tap the orange “sign up” tab in the upper-right corner of the front page of the website. It will take you to the registration page where they will ask for your general information and email address for verification. You will also need to choose a username and password Read: how to get free chaturbate tokens After you provide this information, a basic free Chaturbate account will be created. To actually earn tokens, you will need to level up your membership and become a backing member. That will give you access to all sorts of site perks. Alternatively, you can start streaming yourself, the chat will ask you to verify that you are 18 or older. If you’re just going to watch the orange girls and tip them, the verification is simple. You simply confirm that you are not a robot and that you agree to their terms and privacy policy.

How to get your free token

chat member supportThe best way to get free Chaturbate tokens is with a support membership. After your first registration, you can easily upgrade to this level. In the box below your username in the upper-right corner of the screen, click “upgrade”. As a bonus for the upgrade, you will get 200 free tokens. Support membership fee is only $19.95 per month. The bonus tokens are worth $20.99. In addition to the free tokens, you will also get the following website features:

  • Free cam chat: engage in as many cam chats as you like and interact with your favorite car models.
  • Multiple cams at once: as a support member, you don’t have to pick and choose; You can see all the hot girls you can handle at once.
  • An ad-free experience: imagine watching all your favorite cam shows without annoying ads. As a support member, you won’t have to deal with cartoon ads peddling improvements to dicks and monster porn.
  • Custom chat options: plain text can get boring. After upgrading to facilitator status, you’ll be able to use all sorts of colors, fonts, and emojis in your text.
  • Private Messaging: you will be able to private message any cam or other Chaturbate members.
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As a support member, you will experience Chaturbate the way it is meant to be experienced. With those 200 bonus tokens, you can tip your favorite orange girl and get to know her on a more intimate level. Just click on your profile icon and select the members tab. After canceling, you will receive a confirmation email.

Other ways to get free tokens?

Aside from becoming a backer member, there are three ways to earn tokens on Chaturbate: broadcast yourself, refer people, and increase your spending limit.

  • Broadcast yourself

  • Disturbing the broadcast1If you are brave enough, you can earn free Chaturbate tokens by broadcasting yourself. You will need to enable Adobe Flash in your browser. After you sign up for the free membership, try this option and see how you like it. Don’t worry, no one will see you when you first join as an anonymous newbie. If it makes you feel more comfortable, wear a mask. I tried it out for a few seconds right after I joined. After allowing Chaturbate to access your camera and microphone, you’ll see a preview screen. When you’re ready, start streaming. When you get viewers, some people will tip you. Another way to broadcast yourself is to use open broadcast software (OBS). Chaturbate emphasizes that you are not allowed to use this service to direct followers to an off-site interface (Skype, Instant Messenger) or a competing cam platform .okens is the only form of payment accepted on Chaturbate. Before you start accepting tokens as a Chaturbate broadcaster, you must provide specific proof of your age. For this you will need a high quality scan of your IDChaturbate photo just use this to verify that you are of legal age to broadcast yourself on a sex site. They will not share your information with any third parties.

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  • Introduce everyone

  • Another way to earn tokens is to refer people. For every referrer that registers with Chaturbate, you will get 10 tokens. In monetary terms, this comes down to $1 per referral. You will also earn 0.10 coins for all secondary referrals and 0.01 coins for each tertiary referral. Or, you can choose to share 20% revenue on tokens purchased by referred members. Read more: how to connect a phone to a mini receiver For every person who subscribes to the broadcast and earns $ 20 for doing so you will receive 500 tokens.

  • Increase your spending limit

  • Another quick way to earn 200 tokens is to increase your spending limit. Chaturbate encourages this to prevent fraud on its site. For this you will need to fill out their spending limit increase form.

    Avoid free token chat generators

    chaturbate hack toolAs Chaturbate becomes more popular, token hacking sites are popping up everywhere. One example is the Chaturbate token hack tool at They push a downloadable program that they claim will get you free tokens. It will not. NitroTools has also released a Chaturbate hack token generator. Avoid it. The sites of this ilk are mainly to collect email addresses and sell them to third parties. Most of these token generation programs contain malware. Furthermore, you will have to fill out a lengthy questionnaire just to access the download link. A few that work to any degree involve tons of risk and little return for all the hassle. General rule: do not use the Chaturbate token generator.

    Other Cam Sites Have Free Tokens?

    On Live Jasmin, they introduce the Price Is Right-style spinning wheel when you first join. Spin it and you can win up to 100% additional credits on your first purchase. After signing up for a free account, I won 90%. If I buy 157.99 credits (worth $178.99), I get 142.19 more credits. On My Free Cams you can sign up for free and then become a premium member with your first token purchase. You can also get free tokens by referring others to the site. For each friend you sign up, you will get 20 tokens. Every time a new referred person buys a code for the first time, you will get 200 free tokens. On you have many chances to win tokens every day. After you register and verify your email address, you can participate in their hourly Token Giveaway contests. Every hour, a few lucky winners are selected to receive a prize of 50 tokens. To join, click the “Get 50 Free Tokens” tab whenever it appears in the StripChat room. If selected, you must claim your token within 10 minutes.

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    Get Free Chaturbate Tokens Today

    There are several ways to get Chaturbate tokens and they are not related to the token generator. Porn sites exist to attract as many people as possible. That’s why they have contests and referral programs that allow you to get free tokens. Just go to Chaturbate, open an account and get started. Trust me, you will love it. Read more: how to reset a vending machine’s card reader > List of Live Cam sites that accept PayPal for credit purchases

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