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This is a page containing information about Dark Matter items from the game Final Fantasy X (FFX, FF10). Read on to know more about the item including its effects, armor customization, weapon customization and how to get it. Read: how to get dark matter ffx

Dark Matter Information


Basic information

Dark Matter Aeon Ability Weapon Ability Armor Ability 2 = Full Break 60 = Damage Limit Break 99 = Ribbon Deals massive damage to all enemies.

How to get Dark Matter

Rare drop from Monster Arena

Dark Matter has a 1/8 chance to drop from monster arena creations. This may be your first time earning Dark Matter as the following options for getting dark matter are more difficult (but much more effective). This is true for all Monsters in the Monster Arena, so hunt down and complete the enemies in the monster arena!

Normal drop from Dark Aeons

All Dark Aeons have a 7/8 chance to drop Dark Matter (and a 1/8 chance to drop a Master Sphere). Dark Aeons are the hardest enemy to play in the game, so make sure your characters are prepared and max out the spherical grid or better yet max their stats. Dark Aeons and Place of Penance

Instructions for cultivating dark matter

Read more: how to make a swag flower arch There are 2 effective ways to farm Dark Matters which will be listed below.

Dark Yojimbo Method

Dark Yojimbo is a unique Dark Aeon in that he needs to be killed 5 times to really defeat him. You only need to kill him 4 times to try to get 4 Dark Matters from him, then exit the area and repeat. Dark Yojimbo has one of the lowest HP of all the Dark Aeons so defeating him shouldn’t take too long for a prepared party. Another advantage of defeating Dark Yojimbo is getting other bonuses like armor and weapons from him.

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Method of atonement

Penance’s Arms also drop Dark Matters. This is much slower than raising it from a Dark Yojimbo but is the most effective if you have actually killed a Dark Yojimbo. Or while there, you can also try to beat Penance and end the game.

Using Dark Matter

Use to damage enemies

Read more: how to play vob files on androidDark Matter can be used to damage all enemies. This is an expensive way to deal damage but it can give new opportunities to some challenges like the No Sphere Grid challenge.

Added breaking damage limit for weapons

As the name implies, Break Damage Limit removes your characters’ damage limit of 9,999 and increases it to 99,999. This will increase your character’s damage greatly. Celestial weapons, too, have this ability along with their unique enemy defenses, so try to get a celestial weapon for your protagonists.

Add ribbons to armor

Dark Matter can be used to add Ribbon abilities to your characters. Ribon is an armor skill that prevents all disease states from affecting your character (some rare attacks pierce this immunity).

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