How To Get Costumes In Sea Of Thieves

Most games treat progression as a matter of time. The more hours you pour into the game, the stronger you become, the better your weapons, the deeper you go into the story. : How to get costumes in the sea of ​​thieves Everyone stands on equal ground, has the same weapons, the same ships, and the same armor. A controversial choice in a controversial game. The offense in the game is purely cosmetic. You can unlock skins for guns, ships and, of course, outfits for your character. Cosmetics show others what you are made of. They are testament to the adventures you have gone through and the challenges you have overcome. advantage over those who did not have much time to scour the Seven Seas for loot. Pirate fashion worldI picked out 15 of my favorite outfits in the game. Whether you want to show color or hide your true self, this will help you figure out how.

15. Sailor Department


Arr, boyfriend! That’s what this default outfit will tell anyone you meet in the open sea. Everyone has access to this set from the start, but some pirates never grow out of it. There is never a dull moment at sea.

14. Black dog set

Black Dog costumeIf you’re looking for something more dignified, this all-black captain’s outfit might be the one for you. Black goes with everything, making this outfit an asset for anyone interested in pirate fashion. game.

13. Ministry of Royal Sovereignty

Gather the sea of ​​thieves SovereignThis armor may include a chest plate, but it won’t really protect you from anything. Extinguishing ancient civilizations is your thing then this is the outfit you’re looking for. You can purchase every part of this set from the General Clothing store.

12. The Wailing Barnacle Set

Wailing Barnacle CostumeAn outfit just for the real backsliders out there! For those who already know the depths of the sea and live to tell the story. I’m 100% sure it smells successfulThis set is one of the most unique on the list and I love it as much as I love Davy Jones in Pirates of the Caribbean. Read more: How to tell if your car has been tapped. Sunken Curse event, when you can buy it from Duke in exchange for some doubt. But maybe you can find this one being traded around if you work hard enough.

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11. Ministry of Admiralty Executive

Executive Admiral OutfitsIt was not uncommon in the golden age of piracy to see armies rebel against their orders and become pirates. of the military and is sure to inspire order and discipline in your crew. Of course, you don’t have to go to the Queen’s Navy to get it, as you can buy it from the General Clothing store. Just don’t ask them where they got it.

10. Bone Crusher Set

Bone Crusher CostumeIf your goal is to instill fear in the hearts of rival teams, then this skin is just what you need. A truly special and powerful outfit marks you as a force to be reckoned with. The Bone Crusher set is only available to purchase from Duke during the Skeleton Thrones event. some other ways to intimidate your opponents.

9. The Kraken

Kraken Set Sea of ​​ThievesThis outfit is dark and ominous, befitting of members of a sea god cult, it is for those who not only defeat but become Kraken. You’re in luck, as the individual pieces of this set are some of the easiest to combine with different outfits. Kraken Outfits can be purchased from the General Clothing store.

8. Ritual Admiral

Ceremonial Admiral's CostumeIn any group of people, in any period of history, there is a person who loves red so much that they want every piece of their clothing to reflect it. Captain jacket by undisclosed means is the answer to your prayers. need to achieve a reputation level of 49 with the Merchant Alliance for it to become available. Squish!

7. Sea dog set

Sea dog costumeIf you love red but you want something more discreet and suitable for a salty sea dog there is this option too. true pirate style and good fashion sense, for the daredevils who think nothing is worth doing if you don’t do it right. And it’s available to buy for anyone at the General Clothing store.

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6. Rogue . Sea Dog Set

Rogue sea dog in beach clothes of thievesHere’s what happens when you take the previous one to the laundromat and realize that, yes, the red is just dried blood. Add something about the dangerous white things that make them especially unsettling, like the White Whale, Moby Dick. clothes you must first gain reputation 49 with Order of Souls and then buy it from the General Clothing store.

5. Ashes set

Forsaken Ashes CostumeEvery man and woman is as strong as the fire that molds them, and you are the strongest of them all. all black gives it just the right amount of color. But keep in mind that they will make you stand out for a mile, so don’t wear it to stealth. General clothing store.

4. Pirate Legend.

Pirate Legend CostumeWhile there are some people out there who prefer to hide under the guise of a normal sailor to keep the element of surprise, there are others who want to let their prey know what’s coming. Seven Seas not only has a leash that makes 50 cents feel like not enough, but it also has what might be the most fun eye patch in the entire game. to gain 50 Legendary reputation with at least three different companies to get this luxurious outfit.

3. Ghost set

Outfits of the Ghost SetA pirate ship gets lost in a foggy bank, its crew moves slowly, scared of what might be lurking around them, at last they see a light. People rejoiced as they turned towards it, at full speed. It’s too late when they realize it’s not a lighthouse or a friendly ship, but you, donning this fanciful black outfit with neon accents. Athena’s Fortune Hideout when you have achieved 10th reputation with Athena’s Fortune company.

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2. Parrot Set

Sea parrot costume of thievesThis colorful outfit is one of the most creative and fun clothing options out there, replacing the dark and gritty style of most outfits for something more fun. Crazy costumes are available for purchase at the General Clothing store.

1. Mix and match

Matching outfits togetherThe truth is, the best outfit will always be the you do it for yourself.What kind of pirate are you? What is your story? What do you want others to think? These are all questions your clothes can answer for you. Get hooked on pirate fashion! Read more: how to make hearts with pictures on the wall

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