how to get bones in the forest

Bones are a normal resource in The Forest, just like sticks. One interesting use for them is that they can be used as melee weapons. Although they will do small damage, you’re better off using a Spear. In this post, we will show you where to find bones in The Forest. Bones are mainly obtained from killing cannibals, so playing in peaceful mode can make this quest more difficult. When playing in Peace mode, of course there are no cannibals. So you’ll have to resort to randomly finding them in locations like caves. If you’re interested, we have more guides on The Forest. Read: how to get bones in the forest

How to get Bones in the forest

Read more: How to fix a falling car bumper The easiest way to get bones is to cook or burn Cannibals. Personally, I’d recommend killing a cannibal, with a Bow or another weapon, then burning the body. Throw Molotov at the body, and it will burst into flames if it gives you 6 Bones. If this method is a bit difficult for you, it might be much easier to simply throw the body in the campfire.Burn enemies with Molotov Read more: how to change the tick speed of minecraft Let the corpses burn out, slowly they will be burned to cinders. They will eventually disappear and drop some bones as well as a skull. This is probably the easiest way to get Bones in The Forest.cannibals burn bones in the forestGetting Bones from Burning Cannibals There are several methods for obtaining bones in the jungle, including:

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  • Found them scattered around cannibal camps, as well as inside caves.
  • Let Cannibal’s limbs overcook or dry on the Drying Rack.
  • Knock down Cannibal Effigies, then burn the obtained limbs.
  • Bones have a couple of important uses, the first being the creation of upgraded Skeleton Spears and Armor. Some blueprints will also require bones such as bone fences, chairs, and chandeliers. A Basket of Bones can be created so you can store all your bones inside.Read more: Learn to draw a Mage in 10 Easy Steps (with images)

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