How To Get A Candy Cannon In Adopt Me 2020

Although the main premise of Roblox Adopt Me is to take care of a variety of pets, it also has many other interesting features. With that said, one of the most interesting elements of the game is the candy cannon. Firecrackers quickly became one of the most popular toys in Roblox Adopt Me. To this day, it is difficult to obtain, but still coveted by many Adopt Me users.

Roblox Adopt Me: How to get a candy cannon

Read more: How to remove hair extensions? Taped, Sewn, Fusion & Microlink Candy Cannons are a particularly rare toy in Roblox Adopt Me. During the 2018 Halloween Event, players can buy this cannon for a whopping 2,000 Robux. Despite the high price, many people scrambled to get this item, however, after the event ended, the cannon was no longer available for purchase. Therefore, trading is the only method to get it. There are quite a few players in Roblox Adopt Me who own this cannon; some even have many. Therefore, players should not have trouble finding someone to trade with.

How candy cannons work in Roblox Adopt Me!

Single player with a candy cannon in Adopt Me! (Image via Roblox Corporation)Read more: How to grow potted cabbage with unlimited candy cannons in Roblox Adopt Me. It used to be used to shoot candy for the player to pick up, but it has since been switched to candy corn. This can be fed to one’s pet, in addition equipping it also increases the player’s speed. However, the speed increase will end if the user leaves the server or resets their character. That’s what makes it so coveted, especially for those who are in business. Read more: How to pay with an in-store cash app without a card. Avatar

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