How To Get A Baby To Sleep Without A Pacifier

Wean The Pacifier! A reader named Holly wrote about how to wean her pacifier and get a better night’s sleep for her 9-month-old baby. She wrote: “My 9-month-old still wakes up four times a night for seemingly no reason. Any advice? I give her water at night and her pacifier (pacifier). She usually goes back to sleep until maybe 5:30 a.m. and then it seems like we start the day with a cranky baby. She sleeps from 6pm to 12pm and then regularly stays awake until 6am.” there is a limit. Healthcare providers recommend weaning off pacifiers between the ages of two and four. But first, it’s important to look at sleep patterns.

Short naps lead to a good night’s sleep


The average nine-month-old baby needs about 11 hours at night and 3 hours during the day during two naps. Sometimes we have to continue with the third nap until they’ve slept long enough to go to sleep. A good nap schedule that includes 3 hours of good sleep will make a big difference in how much and how long she sleeps at night.

Sleepy but awake

Make sure she’s awake when laid down both for naps and before bed. This will help her learn to put herself to sleep and get back to sleep. If you put your baby in his crib before bed with a pacifier or pacifier (and he’s mostly asleep), then you need to get him into a more awake state.Are you wondering what “D Sleepy But Awake” really means? Read: Drowsy but awake – The foundation of successful sleep training

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Sleep training tips

  • Always start the learning process before going to bed.
  • Always start after a great day’s nap.
  • Choose your sleeping method:
    • Stay and do The Sleep Lady Shuffle
    • Leave and come back to check on her.

Read more: How to play Reinhardt, Overwatch’s melee shield tank | Top Questions & AW Whatever method you choose, choose what you can do consistently.Need to read more about Gentle Sleep Training? Read: The Sleep Lady Shuffle: How to gently train your baby to sleepWeaning for pacifiersFind out if your baby has a pacifier grasp, i.e. the ability to grip the pacifier itself, pick it up, and put it back in his mouth. You’ll probably see this if you’ve just started feeding yourself during the day. If that’s the case and you want to keep pacifiers, put a few of them in your baby’s crib.

Water at night

I don’t know if you started giving your baby night water because he was bottle-fed, breast-fed or breast-fed when you weaned at night and you changed the water at some point? Some kids won’t drink water because they’re just like milk in their bottle. However, for those who are delighted to have water in their bottle, it can become a new sleeping crutch. Your baby may start fussing about how much water is in the cup or bottle because it doesn’t provide enough feeding time to get him back to sleep. you can put a small cup in the corner of her bed. Make sure it is overflow proof and she can help herself. You can even give it to her if you feel she needs water. But make sure you don’t get into the habit of refilling your glass of water because that will be your new sleeping crutch.Still weaning at night? Read: Night weaning after six months: How to gently end night feeding

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Deciding whether to wean with a pacifier

Read more: how to do the one-handed planter Next, decide what to do with the dummy. Find out if she has a pacifier grasp, i.e. the ability to clamp the pacifier, pick it up, and put it back in her mouth herself. . You’ll probably see this if you’ve just started feeding yourself during the day. If that’s the case and you want to keep the pacifier, put a few pacifiers in your baby’s crib. Finally, push your baby closer to you and point him towards you so he can start putting it in his mouth. Unfortunately, there is no way to do this gradually. It’s in your mouth or it’s not.

Tips for weaning from dummies

  • Take off your pacifier at night after a great day’s nap.
  • Put her in a crib (or crib) with no dummy at all.
  • Stay with her and offer verbal and physical reassurance until she falls asleep.
  • Slowly move out of the room for a few days.
  • Be prepared for fussing before bed and during the night when you store your pacifier.

It is difficult to wean a baby because there is no gradual method. However, you can be there to pat her, comfort her, pick her up and keep her calm until she falls asleep and goes back to sleep.

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