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Pinterest is an interesting social network but also one of the most confusing. It’s an image-based network so that’s the winner, but navigating, finding the real source of the pin, and figuring out some features can be harder than it should be. I use it often for inspiration, but it took me ages to figure out how to follow a thread on Pinterest. I’m writing this guide so you don’t have to.The Pinterest topic is the topic of interest. Things like art, comic books, mountain bikes, cabins, DIYs, and anything else you can think of. They work like categories on other sites, and as long as the pinner has added the correct hashtags, the pins will appear in their respective threads. This means you can follow a pin or a thread for better use of the site. Read: how to follow topics on pinterestHow to follow a thread on Pinterest

Follow a thread on Pinterest

I follow a wide range of topics and find them very useful for saving time while on Pinterest. The site is great if you have time to spare. You can wander the track from pin to pin and end up in some very random places. If time is short and you are after something specific, using themes is one way to get what you want quickly. To follow a thread in the browser, do the following:

  • Log in to Pinterest and select your profile.
  • Select Theme from the tab buttons below your username.
  • Check the selections and select Follow for topics you think you might like.
  • Read more: The Division – How to Earn Phoenix Credits | Top Q&A To follow a topic on iPhone, do the following:

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  • Open the Pinterest app and select the compass icon at the bottom.
  • Select a topic from the list to display the topics.
  • Choose a topic to follow from the next page.
  • Select the red Follow button at the top right of the following page.
  • To follow a thread on Android, do the following:

  • Open Pinterest and select the search icon at the top.
  • Select a topic from the list to display the topics.
  • Choose a topic to follow from the next page.
  • Select the red Follow button at the top right of the following page.
  • Any topics you follow will appear on your Home page at the top. When you start with them, you will sometimes see a pop-up asking you what interests you to add more topics to your list. You can add or omit as you see fit.How to follow a thread on Pinterest

    Unfollow a thread on Pinterest

    When you start using themes, you will quickly find a bunch of random content starting to appear on your homepage. This could be because the pinner didn’t use the correct tag when posting their pin. That might make you want to unfollow a particular topic to filter out some junk. This is actually quite simple. You can temporarily prevent a thread from appearing in that session, or permanently unfollow it. Read more: How to add lights to the Chinese laser To filter out the topics for that session, do the following:

  • Choose your Homepage in Pinterest.
  • Select the pencil icon to the right of your theme at the top.
  • Select one of the checked boxes to filter out that topic.
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    To completely unfollow a topic, do the following:

  • Choose your Pinterest profile.
  • Select the Themes tab button.
  • Select the topic you want to unfollow.
  • You should now see that thread back with a red Follow button instead of the gray Follow button. You will now no longer see pins from that thread.

    Theme your pins

    If you’re a fan of pinning, using themes is a great way to ensure your content gets noticed. This is especially helpful if you’re a social media marketer or marketing yourself using Pinterest. However, you use the net, adding the right subject to the right image is paramount. Preference for using hashtags to organize topics. Adding a bunch of relevant hashtags to any pin you add will ensure that it’s listed in those topics when people select them or search for them.

  • Log in to Pinterest and select your profile.
  • Select the ‘+’ icon at the top and select Create Pin.
  • Add your image, description, and any hashtags you want to add.
  • You can use up to 20 hashtags for any individual pin, and I recommend using as many relevant hashtags as possible. This helps increase the reach of any pin you publish and ensures that it gets found by as many people as possible. Make sure they’re related though there’s nothing more annoying than seeing unrelated pins in a thread! Read more: how to change words from English to Spanish

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