How To Fix Payday 2 Crash Upon Launch

Payday 2 is a first-person shooter game, but unlike many other shooters, this game puts you in the role of a bank robber. black screen and sometimes it doesn’t even launch. Read: how to fix payday 2 issues on launch

How to troubleshoot Payday 2 on Windows 10?


    • Payday 2 crashes
    • Update your drivers
    • Turn off the steam overlay
    • Run Payday 2 in Compatibility Mode
    • Move the render_settings . file
    • Turn off modes
    • Enable the option Use HQ Weapons
    • Payday 2 not coming out
    • Verify game cache
    • Change resolution
    • Delete
    • Payday 2 . black screen
    • Run Payday 2 in windowed mode
    • Reinstall the game

Payday 2 crashes

1. Update your driversDriverFix automatically updates driversIf your graphics card driver is out of date, you may experience Payday 2 or low fps issues and this is why it’s important that you update your graphics card driver. We also recommend DriverFix to automatically download all outdated drivers on your PC. This tool will help go through the whole process, ensuring that you get the right drivers. the right driver options but also all those available from a huge database.2. Turn off the steam overlay

  • Begin Steam.
  • Open Setting and click in the game navigation. steam settings
  • Find Enabled in Steam Community Game optional and unchecked it. Doing this will disable the Steam Overlay for all your games. steam-in-game
  • Click ALRIGHT to save the changes.
  • If you want to disable the Steam Overlay only for a specific game, in our case Payday 2, follow these steps:

  • Open your Steam library and right click on Payday 2.
  • From the menu select Characteristic.
  • Go Shared tab and uncheck Enable in Steam Community Games.
  • 3. Run Payday 2 in Compatibility Mode

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  • Find the Payday 2 shortcut or go to the game installation folder and find the Payday 2 .exe file. Right click on the file and select Characteristic. assets-drivers
  • Next, go to Compatibility navigation.
  • Test Run this program in compatibility mode for and select one of the older versions of Windows. Payday 2 . black screen
  • Click Application and ALRIGHT to save the changes.
  • Read more: how to unpartition hard drive windows 74. Move render_settings . file

  • Press Windows key + CHEAP and type %program data%. Click ALRIGHT or press enter. appdata-run
  • Go Program data folder.
  • You will see three folders available. Go Local folder.
  • Towards DAY 2 folder.
  • You will see render_settings file. Move it to your desktop.
  • Optional: Verify the integrity of the game cache.
  • Try running Payday 2.
  • If the problem persists, restart your computer and try running the game again.
  • Payday 2 problems can be caused if a particular file is corrupted. And it is usually the specified file that is affected and causes the problem.5. Turn off modsdisable mods on payday 2Turning off modes can also help. Some mods can cause compatibility issues and thus crash the game in certain sequences. Therefore, we recommend disabling each mod until the cause of the problem is found. This can be done simply by navigating to the game’s installation directory and accessing the Mods folder. You can then delete them all at once by simply deleting the entire folder or deleting each folder and trying to run Payday 2 again.6. Enable the Use HQ Weapons optionEnable the option Use HQ WeaponsThe most common reason for the sudden crashes recently reported on the official Steam forums seems to be related to the Use HQ weapon option in the game. this is a common problem: the game crashes or crashes when this option is disabled and other players use the new add-ons.

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    Payday 2 not coming out

    1. Verify game cache

  • Begin Steam.
  • Go to your game library and locate Salary day 2.
  • Right click on Payday 2 and select Characteristic. Attribute-steam
  • Navigate to Available files tab and click Verify integrity of game cache button. Payday 2 not coming out
  • Wait for the process to complete and try running the game again.
  • To ensure that the verification is successful, you should delete a few files from the Payday 2 installation folder before verifying the game cache. Read more: How to stop on a skateboard.2. Change the resolution

  • Open Run and repeat the first three steps presented in the 4th solutions above to get to Local folder.control board e1600163329459
  • Here, locate Salary day 2 and open it.
  • Next, locate render_settings file and open it with Notebook.
  • When the render_settings file opens, look for the following line (it may be slightly different on your computer):
    • resolution = ”1280 720
  • Change the value of the quotes to another resolution. Do not delete quotes, just change the value between them.
  • Save the changes and try running the game again.
  • If the problem persists, try changing the resolution value again. You may have to do this a few times before you find a solution that works for you.
  • 3. Delete topqa.infoIf you are unable to launch Payday 2 on your computer, you may have to delete the file. It must be located somewhere in the Payday 2 installation directory.

    Payday 2 . black screen

    1. Run Payday 2 in windowed modeRun Payday 2 in windowed mode

  • Go AppData Local and open the Payday 2 folder. (If you don’t know how to access the AppData folder, check the previous solutions.)
  • Locate render_settings and open it with Notepad.
  • Find the following line:
    • windowed = “false” and change it to:
    • windowed = “true”
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  • Save the changes and try running the game again.
  • 2. Reinstall the gameReset payday 2In case the game doesn’t start or/and it stops at a black screen and after checking the validity explained above, we suggest you do a Payday 2 reinstall. You can do so. in the Steam client, but there is a very good chance that this procedure will skip on some residual files and register input.

  • Open the Steam client.
  • Navigate to Library.
  • Right click on Payday 2 and select Uninstall.
  • Navigate to the installation directory and Program data folder and delete everything.
  • Navigate to Registry Editor and enter Payday 2 to find the related subscription keys. Delete them.
  • You can delete files completely faster and with less fuss by using Revo Uninstaller – a dedicated uninstaller tool that will remove any game related files. Then restart your PC, open Steam again and find Payday 2 to install it again. follow our solutions, so give them a try. Read more: how to enable auto-accept on uber

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