how to find xbox one ip address without tv

Xbox One console with Xbox Series X | S has the ability to play Xbox games remotely on your computer or smartphone. This feature is a popular selling point for Xbox consoles. The Xbox companion app usually does a good job of auto-detecting your console, but sometimes it falls short. In these situations, it will ask you to enter the IP address of your Xbox. Some people just use the remote play function and don’t connect the console to the TV. In this situation, you will need to determine the IP address from your computer or smartphone.

Step 1) Turn on your Xbox console


Press the power button on your Xbox console and make sure it’s powered on. The control panel must be turned on for the following procedure to work properly.

Step 2) Make sure your Xbox is connected to your network

If your Xbox was previously connected to your Wi-Fi, Xbox will automatically connect assuming your Wi-Fi SSID or password hasn’t changed. If your Wi-Fi configuration has changed, you will need to temporarily connect your console to your network with an ethernet cable, or connect your TV and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. If you’re using ethernet, just make sure the cable is securely connected to your Xbox One or Series X | Control Panel S and to your router or switch. Read more: How to build a bubbly ice featureFrom your computer download a free IP scanning tool. You can also do this on your smartphone if you want, but it’s easier on a computer. The IP scanner I recommend is called Advanced IP Scanne. Download here From this point you will want to download the IP scanner. If you’re using the tool I recommend, you have the option to run the portable version of the software without leaving anything on your computer once you’ve finished using the program.

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Step 4) Run the Scan

Tap scan and allow the software to scan your network for devices. This process usually takes 30 seconds to a minute to complete. In general, you do not need to change the range of IP addresses being scanned. The software by default scans the same network your computer is connected to. Assuming your Xbox is connected to the same network, it should show up in the scan results.Scan IP

Step 5) Find your Xbox in the Detected Devices List.

Read more: how to get bed bugs out of your chair When the scan is over, you’ll get a list of devices found on your network. From here you will search for a device named Xbox. in most cases that will be the display name. If you don’t see a device named Xbox, you’ll want to look for any similar to Microsoft or the game. From here, you’ll want to write down the IP address of your Xbox console. Once you’ve written down the IP address, you’re good to go. Enter that IP address into your remote play app and hopefully you can connect. If your Xbox doesn’t show up, make sure it’s powered on and connected to your network. If you’re still having problems, try temporarily placing your Xbox right next to the router and plug it in with a short ethernet patch cable. This will make sure your console is connected to your network. If you don’t have an ethernet cable, you can buy a very affordable cable.Advanced IP Scanner

Step 6) Optional: Set up a static IP address

From here, you’ll want to set up your Xbox One or Series X | S console with static IP address. When you specify a static IP address, your IP address will never change. This way you just need to make a note of this IP address and you will always be able to connect. This step is optional but is definitely recommended. How to Set Up Static IP on Xbox Easily.

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