How To Find The Travel Medallion In The Master Trials DLC

The Master Trials DLC brings Tourism Medal and link to it”Rumor of EX teleport!Side quest in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Travel Medal allows you to create a quick travel location where you are. You can leave, then come right back without having to find a temple or tower nearby. In other words, creating a second point will delete the first point.

Rumor of EX teleport! sidequests

When starting Breath of the Wild after installing The Master Trials DLC, you will receive EX Teleportation Rumors! ” sidequests. Its contents read: Rumor has it that it has a tool that allows you to instantly move to wherever you put it. Apparently South Akkala Stable has a copy of Super Rumor Mill EX, which details some rumors about this rare item… Amazingly, the first thing you need to do is head to South Akkala Stable.

How to find the Travel Medal: Stabilizing South Akkala

Inside the South Akkala Stable you will find the book Super Rumor Mill EX Read more: How to use a vape pen Travel to South Akkala Stable, in northeastern Hyrule. The nearest warp point is the temple of Ze Kasho. Enter the barn and find a book on the table. Read it, and you’ll find a new perspective in the EX Teleport Rumors! sidequests. The content of the quest then translates to: You read Super Rumor Mill EX: Episode 2! According to this special issue, there are rumors of an item that allows you to instantly travel to a location of your choice. The chest containing this item is said to be located northeast of Akkala, hidden beneath a maze. Find the maze and locate the treasure chest!Travel medal screenshot 6 30 17 10.13 SA Temple of Tu Ka’loh on the island of Lomei Labyrinth Labyrinth Island Lomei, an island off the coast at the extreme northeast of Hyrule. In addition to The Master Trials, both the Trail of the Labyrinth and Tu Ka’loh temple quests (nearest warp point) appear there. If you haven’t completed the Trail of the Labyrinth and Tu Ka’loh temple quests, check out our guides, which will help you navigate the maze.

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How to find the Travel Medal: Labyrinth Island Lomei

Read more: How to get a gopher tortoise out of its hole Since you’re in the area, make the trip to Akkala . Ancient Technology Laboratory to buy Ancient armor, which reduces damage against Breath of the Wild’s mechanical enemies. Of course, if you already have it, equip it and consider upgrading it. And when you’re there, you should buy some Ancient Arrow, killing the defenders with a single shot to the head. Right in front of the temple of Tu Ka’loh, you will see a wind blowing up from a hole in the ground. After you land, right ahead if you are on a small platform you will see treasure chest with Diamond Circlet, reduces damage from Guardians. This is a good thing, as you are surrounded by Guardians, and as soon as you open the chest, four of them will target you. Ancient armor, Guardian Weapon or Sword Master (see our Master Sword guide if you haven’t already), Hylian Shield (it deflects the Guardian’s laser and you can easily get it with our Hylian Shield tutorial) and any Ancient Arrow You have in your inventory to fight mechanized beasts. You don’t have to fight all of them, but you can’t avoid some of them. Use the tower of the room and the Guardian as cover to block the Guardian’s laser. But beware: some disabled Guardians are not actually disabled and they can revive when you get close. Ancient gears, Ancient stream, Neck screw and Neck shaft – and you can never have too many of them. Treasure chest (marked with “EX”) contains Tourism Medal lying on the opposite side of the room, sitting against the wall. Open it and it will complete”Rumor of EX teleport!“Sidequests. Read more: how to raid in clash of clans

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