How To Find Life Fruit In Terraria

Terraria is a big game with a lot to do. If you’re not paying attention, you can easily die, and if you play on a difficulty where all your inventory drops, it’ll be very difficult to get it back! We advise more health!

How to get live fruit in Terraria

To get the Life Fruit in Terraria, you have to progress a bit, to the point where you defeated one of the Mechanic Bosses in the game. After one of them is killed, Life Fruit will begin to grow in the Underground Jungle Biome. When a Life Fruit is picked up, it will increase your max health by 5. some required to make them spawn and get them. As we said above, one of the Mechanic Bosses must first be defeated; This could be one of three. Once defeated, Life Fruit will start appearing in your world in the Underground Jungle. This is a pretty dangerous place on Hardmode, so be fully equipped before venturing out. Read more: How to throw a grenade 4To be able to use Life Fruit, you must also have 400 health. This is the maximum health you can reach before using Life Fruit. If you don’t have max health, you’ll be able to pick up a Life Fruit but don’t use it. Heart Crystals are scattered across the map and are fairly easy to find. If you’ve explored a lot of your worlds, it’s easy to come across them.Related: Terraria: How to get NPCRead more: how to make a paper pair On your map, Life Fruit appears; however, since they are in the Jungle Biome, they are especially hard to see. They show up as a lighter green color. When using Life Fruit, one of your Hearts will turn to Gold and you will gain 5 more max health. This can be done 20 times for a total of 100 max health. Not too, shabby! It helps if you use Spelunker Potion, as they will make important items glow as long as they stay on your screen. This makes it easy to find the items you need, whether it’s a Heart Crystal or a Life Fruit. You can make an Artificial Underground Forest Farm where you can follow this extremely helpful tutorial.For more Terraria tutorials, we’ll help you. If you are just starting your adventure, how to make a bed or how to fish in lava?Read more: how to grind weeds by hand

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