How To Find And Kill The Molduga

Far to the west in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link will face Molduga, a powerful creature that lives in the desert. In this Guide Zelda Breath of the Wild Moldugawe will guide you through how to kill Molduga in Breath of the Wild with as little trouble as possible. On this page:Read: how to beat molduga

  • How to find a Molduga in Breath of the Wild
  • How to kill a Molduga

How to find a Molduga in Breath of the Wild

To start the Molduga Medicine Med quest, go to Gerudo Town located in the southwest corner of Hyrule, then enter Riju’s Mansion, and then out the exit on your right, find yourself in a courtyard full of soldiers in training. There, Link will happen to Malena, who is in the process of shouting commands to all the soldiers in training.Read more: How to make a snowman in minecraftMalena will require Molduga & lt; intrepid from Link, task him with taking down the monster that roams the Gerudo desert that lies around town. Now that you’ve started the Molduga Medica quest, return to Gerudo Town and head West, eventually finding yourself in the middle of the Toruma Dunes, a rather large subdivision of the Gerudo Desert.

How to kill a Molduga

While Molduga may seem like a formidable opponent, it can actually be taken down quite easily, if you use the Remote Bomb function correctly and Link should have a good amount of melee weapons on hand. that as soon as the fight starts, you’ll want to sprint directly to the rock outpost in the battlefield, extending the rock to safety. Once you’ve done this, throw a Remote Bomb nearby and wait for Molduga to sense it. After Molduga erupts from underground and has a Remote Bomb near its mouth, detonate the bomb, causing Molduga to fall to the ground and remain motionless for about fifteen seconds. descended near Molduga, landed it a few precious hits and then retreated into the rocks as Molduga began to rise from the ground. Keep repeating this tactic, as Molduga has no method against it, and you should take down Molduga in almost no time. For other monsters found throughout Hyrule, be sure to check out our guide on how to kill both the Rock and the Igneo Talus, as well as our comprehensive basic guide to Breath of the Wild. was killed, and headed straight for Gerudo Town, ready to demand 300 Rupees from Malena for the item.

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Location Molduga

There are actually 4 Moldugas to kill in Breath of the Wild. They are located in the following locations in addition to the one described earlier.

  • South Oasis (South of Gerudo Town)
  • Arbiter’s Grounds (East of Tera’s Great Fairy Fountain)
  • Desert West of Sand Seal Rally
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