How To File For Emergency Custody In Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s Emergency Detention Order designed to protect children from immediate harm. In Oklahoma, thousands of Emergency Orders are issued each year. Most are released on valid facts while in some others they may be released on a more dubious basis. A woman in the city of Ponca recently faced arrest and emergency custody loss. She faces charges of drug possession and child endangerment. The 25-year-old woman called police to report that her 1-year-old had eaten an ice cocaine. Police took the child to the hospital and was then placed in emergency custody by DHS. While this is one example of how emergency custody works, there are other ways as well.

Emergency babysitting

The emergency custody law is found under Title 43 § 107.4 of the Oklahoma Statute. This statute provides elements and also a timeline for the proceedings. Arrive start your emergency custody hearing you must: Read: how to file a request for emergency custody in oklahoma

  • Have an independent police or DHS report documenting the dangerous situation OR
  • Have a notarized affidavit from someone with personal knowledge of the hazardous situation AND
  • The situation must have the potential to cause harm or irreparable harm to the child.
  • Read more: Lesbian fashion – The hottest lesbian outfits for 2021A “dangerous situations” There can be many different kinds of circumstances: drug-addicted parents, child abusers, unwillingness to protect children from abuse or addiction by others in the home, etc. Furthermore, the courts must hear schools. emergencies like this within 72 hours of filing. If the court fails to do this, then you can file another petition and the court will have to hear the case within 24 hours at that time.YOU CAN ALSO FIND OUT OUR ARTICLE ON COUNTRY Abuse IN PRESENTING HELP TO CHILDREN.

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    Emergency storage and its effects

    Read more: 10 tips to make more money If custody goes against you, you could lose all access and custody of your children. Termination occurs in the most extreme situations, but is a possibility. Otherwise, you may lose primary custody and the custody agreement is modified in favor of the moving party. This means you may receive less time with your child or face supervision during visits. Courts will likely require you to undergo therapy programs or parenting classes to regain custody of your children.

    Let us help

    Our child custody attorneys understand the legal system and how emergency child custody can affect a person’s life, relationships, and the health and safety of children. friend. So don’t go through the process alone. Children are too important to gamble. If you find yourself in emergency custody, call our office today. We can help you get a valid order or protect you if an order is falsely issued against you. Get a free consultation 918,743.2233Read more: Enderium Ingot | Top Q&A

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