How To Fake A Pregnancy Test With Apple Juice

How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice to prank your partner? Fake home pregnancy tests are quite common. Actively pranking their loved one or for other personal reasons. for an answer in case you’ve thought hard about the prank and want to move on.Related: Do UTIs affect pregnancy test strips?

How do pregnancy tests work?


The pregnancy kit checks for the presence of the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) in the urine. After 6 to 12 days, the body begins to produce the hormone hCG. The hCG hormone is only present after the embryo has attached to the wall of the uterus and is proof of pregnancy. Test kits, most test hCG above a certain level (between 25 and 50). Enzymes change the color of the strip in a test kit or lead to the reveal of a pregnancy-signaling line. All you have to do is pee on the test strip or dip it in a cup of urine. Can you get pregnant Test? 3 correct answers

How to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice

apple 3640591 640While not all pregnancy test kits work with this method, there are some that turn false positive for substances other than urine, such as apple juice. Because apple juice has sugar, the sugar will interact with the enzymes in the pregnancy test, resulting in a positive result. apple juice and urinating on the test kit won’t get the desired result, that’s because whatever you consume is digested and the elements in apple juice cause the pregnancy kit to turn positive calculation is broken.

Other ways to fake a pregnancy test

There are other ways to fake a pregnancy test, besides using apple juice, one of these methods is using soda. Place soda in an empty cup or container and use a dropper to drop a few drops into the test kit. Get positive results in minutes. The ingredients in soda are alkaline, similar to pregnancy hormones Read more: how to fix electric recliner for lazy boy | Q&A Other substances that you can use to fake pregnancy test strips are orange juice, cola, they also contain similar properties that react with enzymes in the test kit just like the urine of a pregnant person.

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Can you use a blood test to fake a pregnancy test?

Here are two ways to test for pregnancy, blood and urine tests. A urine test is the way most people do it at home with a pregnancy kit, while a blood test is done in a hospital. If the testing center is not willing to join your ruse, there is no easy way for you to fake test results. Many people search for answers on how to fake a pregnancy test with apple juice. However, it’s important to note that many people consider such a prank as tasteless and it may not give you the reaction you want.

What else can make a pregnancy test positive?

What else can cause a positive pregnancy test?In some cases, you may get a false positive result on your pregnancy test kit.

1. Leaving the test for too long

Believe it or not, leaving the test strip unattended for too long can lead to a false positive. The manufacturer always indicates this, so you don’t have to guess about the timeframe.

2. Expired pregnancy test strips

The first thing to check before you use a pregnancy test kit is the expiration date, once the pregnancy has passed the expiration date it means that the chemical used to detect hCG levels is not working as it should. often. get false positives, such as false positives.

3. Reproductive Medicines

Are you taking any fertility drugs, especially those with high hCG levels? There’s a good chance your pregnancy test will come back positive even if you’re not pregnant. It’s best not to take the test early, the results may be due to the hCG levels in the medication you are taking and not the actual hCG levels in your body due to the actual pregnancy.

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How can vinegar make a pregnancy test positive?

How vinegar can make a pregnancy test positiveA lot of people have used vinegar for home pregnancy test, the result can be positive or negative, however, there is no specific study that proves this test method gives 100% accurate results. Mix vinegar with tuna oil and your urine, the mixture will change color, yellow-orange means you are pregnant, if the resulting color is bluish then you are not pregnant. The pregnancy test method recommends trying it in the morning. It is entirely possible, especially if you are taking fertility drugs, that these drugs disturb your hCG levels, leading to false positives.

Does water make a pregnancy test positive?

Does water make a pregnancy test positive?There are situations where water causes a positive pregnancy test result. Yes, it happens. One of those cases is if you reuse a dried pregnancy test strip, as the HTP in the pregnancy device dries, it will form a vapor path. When you add water, which is composed of oxygen and hydrogen, it reacts with the dried dye on the stick which can cause it to settle on the evaporation path. This can form what one might consider a positive result when in reality it is a false positive. Only suitable for one time use. You remember doing science experiments at school and you have to do the mixture again to get the correct reaction. The same goes for pregnancy testing. The chemicals in the kit will not work correctly after the first use.

Can you tell by your urine if you are pregnant?

You can tell by your urine if youMost over-the-counter testing kits use urine as a pregnancy test, but you don’t necessarily need to take the test unless you want to be sure of the results. During the early days of pregnancy, the smell of urine tends to be stronger due to the increased production of the hormone hCG. Urine tends to be thinner than usual, when you drink a lot of water, the urine will change color from yellow to colorless, but when you are pregnant, the urine can turn bright yellow. The color of urine, some women report that their urine is hotter than usual, that’s because during pregnancy, your body temperature also increases due to increased metabolism. ? Check out this quick video below

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