How To Escape From Prison In Bitlife

Our BitLife Prison Escape Guide has maps and videos for every prison layout you’ll face in the game! We have cheat maps for all prison layouts in the game. If you are looking to complete different ribbons, including Houdini and Jailbird, then this post will help you complete them with ease.

How to get out of every prison in Bitlife


Breaking out of prison in BitLife is actually quite difficult, especially if you’re just starting out. The key to escape is listed in the game: Read: how to escape from the prison in bitlife The Guardian moves twice for every time you make it! He will only move towards you and will try to go horizontally first. The most important part of that is that he will always try to go horizontally first! So we’ll need to use that to our advantage by blocking the police against the walls in the prison. Even if the police officer is directly below you and you move right or left, he will always move horizontally first, meaning if there is a wall above him then he will cannot reach you. If you want to accomplish these things on your own, then this aspect is the one you will take advantage of the most. However, if you are struggling with these, then keep reading as we have a review sheet for each map layout and a video tutorial on how to complete them!

Key to escape from all Prisons in Bitlife

For starters, when you try to escape, you’ll get one of the following layouts. These puzzles can sometimes be mirrored by having them flipped horizontally or vertically. It will have the same layout, you just need to follow the steps based on the one you already received. If you fail, you can always move forward a year and try again!Related: How to get sports scholarship in BitLifeMap Legend

  • Star: Your starting point.
  • Arrow: Specify the direction you will go at that point of the line.
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Maximum Security #1 – 8 × 8

Follow the red path in the image below and you will be able to escape from this prison easily; The same applies to all of our other images in this tutorial.Video

Maximum Security #2 – 8 × 8

bitlife maximum prison escape security map002Video

Maximum Security #3 – 8 × 8

Maximum Security #4 – 8 × 8

Maximum security # 5 – 8 × 8

Maximum Security # 6 – 8 × 8

Maximum Security # 7 – 8 × 8

Maximum Security # 8 – 8 × 8

Maximum Security # 9 – 8 × 7

Normal prison layout

Prison layout #1 – 6 × 6

The first layout we’re looking at requires a bit of repetition on your way, but isn’t too difficult.bitlife prison break map003 1

Prison layout #2 – 5 × 5

Read more: how to download showbox on ps4 This isn’t too hard, you just have to do it once again quickly and then a longer one as you go deeper into the map. Just don’t take a crazy plunge for the Exit, you won’t make it through!bitlife prison break map006 1

Prison layout #3 – 6 × 6

This is another pretty detailed detail, you’ll need to do quite a bit of double-checking.bitlife007 prison escape mapVideo

Prison layout #4 – 5 × 4

Probably the easiest layout to get away with. It is very simple and requires only eight steps to complete.bitlife008 prison escape map

Prison layout # 5 – 6 × 6

This section is quite long and you will have to check back quite often. Make sure you do each of the small setbacks listed on the map, or you won’t get the cop in the right place.bitlife001 prison escape mapVideo

Prison layout # 6 – 5 × 5

Quadrants are tight in this 5×5, and you will need to do a lot of back and forth to complete this section.bitlife005 prison escape mapVideo

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Prison layout # 7 – 7 × 4

This is an easy one! All you need to do is get the cop into the little U-shaped walls, and once that’s done, you can cross the exit.bitlife009 prison escape map

Prison layout # 8 – 7 × 5

For a pretty standard one, you’ll have to do some walking through the prison a few times to get the police to where you want them to be. Once you’ve done that, you can step out of prison! Read more: how to start the mistress of the mysterious fallout 76bitlife002 prison escape mapVideo

Prison layout # 9 – 6 × 5

You will have to do one big round and then back again to keep the cop away from you and make your way to the exit.bitlife010 prison escape map

Prison layout # 10 – 7 × 5

Another where you’re doing quite a bit of back-and-forth, especially in the bottom right corner, where you’ll need to go back and forth to get the cop in the right place. Be patient and deliberate, and you should be able to get to the exit!bitlife011 prison escape mapVideo

Prison layout # 11 – 4 × 4

The current layout is the smallest, you have to do a little backward to get out. This is pretty easy!bitlife012 prison escape map

Prison layout # 12 4 × 4

bitlife013 prison escape map

How to get all Bitlife Prison ribbons

If you want to get both the Jailbird and the Houdini Ribbons, you can do so by doing the following: Jailbird Ribbon This one is pretty easy, you really only need to go in and out of the prison about three or four times. Once you’ve done that, then just sit in your cell and grow old until you scream! That’s all you need to do to earn Jailbird Ribbon!Related: BitLife Ribbons List Tutorial – How to Get All Ribbons! Houdini RibbonYou will want to go to prison many times and escape immediately. You can level up on your own, without doing too much, and reach 60. Once you do that, start robbing houses and get caught. That will land you in jail and then you’ll want to get out using the instructions below. Do this a few times a year in your old age, and it will get you the end result and will give you the Houdini ribbon!To know more about Bitlife, we at PGG will give you tutorials like how to join the crowd and how to become a mafia boss.Read more: how to get bonds in the battlefield 1 | Top Q&A

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