How To Enter The Kingdom Of Heaven

Editor’s note: He used to think he could enter the kingdom of heaven by working for God. But his frequent sins make him doubt whether those who work hard for God but are not purified can enter the kingdom of heaven. Then he knew the requirements of God in a book and found the way to enter the kingdom of heaven. Quick Navigation Can I Enter Heaven Just By Working Hard Without Purification? What is the Way to Honesty?

Can I Enter Heaven Just By Working Hard Without Being Purified?

Enter the Kingdom of HeavenEntering the kingdom of heaven is a goal I will pursue for the rest of my life. To this end, I often read the Bible, preach the gospel, and work hard for the Lord. It costs more because I can enter the kingdom of God to share the wonderful blessings with the Lord. However, I found that I still often sinned: I could not help but judge others if what they did did not conform to my will; I hate my son when I can’t handle him. Gradually, I felt a little confused: Can I enter the kingdom of heaven by working hard but not pursuing to be purified? How can I enter the kingdom of heaven? Read: how to enter the kingdom of heaven On this, I often consider the scriptures. Finally, I found a way to enter the kingdom of heaven according to a word of Jesus. Jesus said: “Not everyone who says to me, Lord, Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven; but whoever does the will of my Father who is in heaven” (Matthew 7:21). “Unless you are converted and become little children, you will not enter the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 18:3). “Hurt the little children, and do not forbid them to come to me, for such is the kingdom of heaven” (Matthew 19:14). Only by doing God’s will and becoming little children can people enter the kingdom of heaven. But, another question arises: I shouldn’t take “like little kids” literally, so what does it mean? Read more: how to transfer calendar from android to android I have been looking for the answer for a long time. I didn’t find it in a book until very recently. It says, “the pure; open-minded people; honest people; people who are not controlled by any person, thing or matter; those who have a childlike appearance even though they have grown up in life, these are My beloved, the object of My blessing” (“The Sixty-ninth Utterance”). “You should know that God likes an honest man. God is faithful, and so His word can always be trusted. Furthermore, His actions were faultless and unquestionable. This is why God likes people who are absolutely honest with Him. Honesty means giving your heart to God; never lie to Him in anything; open to Him in all things, never concealing the truth; never do it deceive those above and deceive those below; and never do that is done just to befriend God. In short, to be honest is to avoid uncleanness in one’s actions and words, and not to deceive God or men” (Three Advices). I know after reading these words, “like little children” in the kingdom of heaven to be sincere. It is God’s nature to be faithful, so He requires us to be honest. Whether we say or do, we should act in harmony with God’s will and be an honest person who pleases him. Contrasting these words with my real-life self, I displayed many dishonest behaviors. God has been wholeheartedly devoted to us humans and requires us to love Him with all our heart. Looking back on my years following God, I realize that all of my sacrifices were paid off for blessing and entry into the kingdom of heaven, not to fulfill the responsibilities of a created being. Trusting in God when making deals with Him is dishonest. Besides, when making friends with other people, I also have many dishonest behaviors. Seeing my co-workers whispering, I guessed they were talking about me or had an opinion about me. In church, I was often afraid of offending others. Whenever pastors and elders say something that is not in line with the teachings of the Lord, I dare not continue with what I see. Whenever you do not follow the Lord’s way or live in sin, I will not point it out but ignore them. Although I speak, I speak half of them, and keep the rest, monitor their expressions and then speak accordingly. When I volunteer for the church, I’m doing it to show off. I always carry with me the worry of not being known by others. All of the above should not be taken as acts of honesty. Even in my prayers I do not speak to God from the heart but promise Him the moon. Isn’t this the equivalent of deceiving God? Without being purified, how can I enter the kingdom of heaven? Because God is holy, and He does not allow unclean people to enter His kingdom. I realized that we cannot enter the kingdom of heaven if our sins are not cleansed.

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What is the Way to Honesty?

One day, I was talking online with a friend in Christ. We talked about this topic. I had some enlightenment through her fellowship. At that time, she read me a passage, “All you do, every action, every intention and every reaction must be brought before God. Even your daily spiritual life — your prayers, your closeness to God, eating and drinking God’s word, fellowship with your brothers and sisters, living your life Your church and partnership – must be presented before God and obeyed by Him. . It is such training that will help you become more mature in life. The process of accepting God’s observation is a process of purification. The more you accept God’s observation, the more purified you will be, and the more you will conform to God’s will, so that you will not hear the call of corruption and playfulness, and your heart will live in His presence. The more you accept His observation, the more shameful Satan will be and the more likely you will be to renounce the flesh. Therefore, accepting God’s observation is a path that man must practice. No matter what you do, even in fellowship with your brothers and sisters, if you bring your behavior before God and seek His observation, and if your intention is to obey God, , then what you practice will be much more correct. Only when you bring all that you do before God and accept God’s observation can you become a person who lives in God’s presence” (“God Perfectes Those Behind His Own Heart”) Mr”). “Honestly, you must first leave your heart bare, so that people can see it, and all that you are thinking, and can see your true face; You must not pretend or pack yourself. Only then will people trust you and consider you an honest person. This is the most basic method of being honest…” (Honestly, you should be open with others). Read more: how to fix a separated tent zipper. one must accept God’s observation. No matter when you pray, when you work for God, or when you speak and handle your work, we must regularly check whether our thoughts are pure or not. Through our practical cooperation, we can gradually come to know the dishonest side deep in our hearts. Then we betray our improper thoughts through prayer. Practicing like this little by little, we can walk the honest path. Meanwhile, we read more of God’s word and experience it to practice honesty. We should dissect and expose our uncertain intentions in business when we pray before God. Then try to expose our wickedness to truth-seeking brothers and sisters. Finally, we can honor God as the greatest in our hearts, be simple and open in speaking, be honest, do not twist the truth, and treat others fairly. We can care about God’s will in our duty without our personal intentions and desire to exchange, regain our reason and conscience. We should practice the truth to exalt and bear witness to God and truly love Him, obey Him, and worship Him. When we pursue truth like this, we will have a desire to please God and fear Him. Thus, we can speak and not for our own profit, not for our own selfish and carnal desires, but for the will of God. Therefore, our thinking cannot be controlled by the corrupt personality. Instead, the truth becomes our life. No longer selfish and radical, we are purified. Only by working hard for God in this way, applying God’s teachings, and doing His will, can we get God’s approval and enter the kingdom of heaven. “With God’s guidance, I have found a way to enter this kingdom. of Heaven. All glory belongs to God! Amen! Read more on our Bible Study Topics page Into the Kingdom of God, or click on related articles below. You may be interested in this video: Read more: how to get bubbles out of ipad screen protector

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