How To Enter Cheat Codes In Airport City

Airport City hack On coins and banknotes you can be very simple thanks to our cheats. In order to do this, you just need to introduce our cheats to the airport-City to the game. Now, so that you can hack the airportYou do not need to download some kind of hacking programs, thereby submitting your computer to viruses infection with viruses. The airport-City game is very interesting, but it will become even more interesting, after you hack it on banknotes and coins. Our cheat codes are very easy to use, and in order for them to use you do not need to have special training. To activate the cheat code, you just need to enter it into the game (the cheats themselves are written below). It happens that new users come here, and they still do not know where to enter cheats for hacking Airport CityEspecially for such, below in this article there is a link to the input instruction. Everything is short and clear there. If you have questions in the process, then feel free to ask them in the comments.Attention! In order to get instructions for cheats, you need to subscribe to this YouTube channel, and put a fog under each of his video After that, go to this site and see the instructions.Reading: how to enter cheat codes in airport city

  • You can get 99999 coins after entering this cheat code to the game – FHM-VToQPPGE
  • You can get 99999 banknotes after entering the game this cheat code – zzv-svimabit

It is mainly to hack airport-sit use our cheats, because:After reading this article, you definitely will not have a question how to hack airport-sit. This is the most simple way to hack the airport-City, as you can do it without any additional programs and easy-to-enter cheats in the game Airport City. And this is a versatile method, and works in VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Male and Facebook.Mostly this article is found on such requests:

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Airport City

Secrets of the game “Airport City”

In this game you are invited to build your own airport and a whole city that will provide it with everything necessary! Send planes to a variety of corners globe!To go to the flight, you need: Buy Angar for the aircraft (Store – Air Building) Buy plane to this hangar (click on the hangar will open an aircraft store) Build a runway Collect ready-to-travel passengers from residential buildings Open list of available flights (click on hangar with aircraft or on the flight icon in the lower right corner) and choose the appropriate Click “Flyim” in the flight window! There are several types of buildings in the game: Residential buildings – they give passengers Commerce (shops, restaurants and so on) – gives money City Hall – determines the maximum number of residents Terminal – determines the maximum number of passengers Preliminary bands are needed for take-off and landing aircraft Angara – planes are stored in them Repair base – Need to repair aircraft Station GSM (fuel and lubricants) – produces additional fuel Dispatch tower – determines the maximum number of hangars and aircraft Power plants – determines the maximum amount of energy required for buildings Production – Flight School (Preparation of pilots for flights), onboard power shops (ensuring flights for long distances on-board nutrition), Laboratory (production of collectible items), travel company (allows charter flights)Q: How to send a plane to the flight? A: How to sell the plane? A: How to remove the hangar and runway (runway)? A: NB! Angara aircraft need to sell!Q: How to turn runway? A: WFP cannot be turned.Q: How to use the backup hangar. A: First you need to make sure that the plane you want to put in the reserve hangar is not in flight. It does not need to be repaired, but is in his hangar. Then, when buying a new aircraft, you specify a hangar with this not needed by the plane. It will go to the reserve automatically. And the new purchased aircraft will take its place.Q: What is the difference between the hangars of different colors? A: The more expensive the hangar, the faster it serves the plane on the strip, “living” in it. Increases the speed of service only its aircraft. The guest is not applied to the guest.Q: What is the stars of skill? A: Stars for skill are earned for a certain number of flights in this direction. Open the Flights window, hover the mouse to three stars at the bottom of each flight and carefully read the contents that appeared.Q: How to earn banknotes in the game? A: For each new level – 1 banknote. Banknotes can be bought for voices.Q: Is it possible to start the game again? A: No.Q: How to remove the road? A: Using the Piglets tool in the arrow tab.Q: How to remove the building to the warehouse? A: No. The building is not intended for storage in a warehouse object. It can only be demolished and rebuilt.Q: Why then the “Buildings” tab in the warehouse? A: For the performance of tasks sometimes give unique buildings inaccessible in the store. They come to the warehouse.Q: The population has reached the maximum value. What to do? A: Improve the mayor’s or remove several buildings.Q: The building is slightly “transparent”, and above it icon. What does this mean? A: If this “road” icon is needed to build a road to the building. If the icon is “!”, The building is completed, but to complete the improvement, materials and / or employees are needed. If the “Green Arrow” icon, then this building can be improved.Q: How to hire a friend to work? A: You send a request with an invitation to work. (“Invite” button) and wait for his consent. If a neighbor gives consent, he should have an inscription “Thank you. You are taken to work for a friend.” After that, you updating the game, you will see it for any position in your building.Q: Is it possible to hire one friend in all buildings? A: No, it is impossible. One friend can take only one vacant position and only in one building. After improving the building, all employees are dismissed, and a friend can be invited again.Q: Can I send one friend today in all flights? A: No, it is impossible. One friend can fly to the flight only once a day.Q: How often can I ask for help from one friend? A: once in 24 hoursQ: How often can I send a request for help from different neighbors? A: 5 minutes after sending the previous request.Q: How many free gifts a day can I send? A: 20.Q: What is the number of neighbors? A: 500.All about cosmic flights The launch of the rocket consists of two parts. The first is the initiation (collection of 4 collections). After that, the startup window opens. For the rocket soared, you need to dial 1600 points (points) in 24 hours. Points are indicated by a rocket icon. Each item in the window gives a certain number of them. After buying an item, there is a pause, time for repeated purchases is counted with a timer. If in 24 hours you did not have time to recruit 1600 points, then the launch is failed. For the next start, you will have to collect 4 collections again and gain points from scratch. Neighbors join automatically. At the time of starting start, the game looks, if someone from the neighbors starts the rocket, and if yes, it joins its launch automatically. Information about readiness for the launch of the neighboring rocket can be found in the topic “Let’s go !!!”. The more players join the flight, the easier it is to score 1600 points. If a player who is not your neighbor and a friend also attached to you for the flight, not necessarily look for him and try to invite him to neighbors. In the list of flight participants there is a “visit” button. All friends who first started starting can participate. All of his neighbors, who are no neighbors among themselves, will see each other, but the prize will land only to those who can go to visit. If you are flying together, and during the flight a partner went somewhere, the prize will fall to the player himself.How to clean the cache and cookies? And why do it? For what do I need to clean the cache and cookies?Microsoft Internet Explorer Casting Cleaning Cookie (Cookie) Internet Explorer 8.x. Internet Explorer 7.x. Internet Explorer 6.x Internet Explorer 8.x Internet Explorer 7.x. Internet Explorer 6.x.To learn about the version used by Internet Explorer, click Help in Internet Explorer browser, then select About the Program. If you do not see the Help menu, press the Alt key to enable the menu display.Mozilla Firefox Casha Cleaning Cookie (Cookie) Firefox 3.5.x-3.6.x for Windows Firefox 3.x for Windows Firefox 3.x and 3.5.x for Mac OS X Firefox 2.x for Windows Firefox 2.x for Mac OS X Firefox 3.5.x for Windows Firefox 3.5.x for Mac OS X Firefox 3.x for Windows Firefox 3.x for Mac OS X Firefox 2.x for Windows Firefox 2.x for Mac OS XTo find in the Mozilla Firefox browser version information, click Help, then select About Mozilla Firefox. In the Mac OS X operating system, click Firefox, then select About the Program.Google Chrome Instructions for Windows and Linux Instructions for MACCasha Cleaning Cookie (Cookie) OpeRa Opera 9.x for Windows Opera 9.x for Mac OS X Opera 9.x for Windows Opera 9.x for Mac OS XTo find in Opera browser information about the version, in Windows, click Help and select about the Opera program. In the Mac OS X operating system, click Opera, then select the Opera program.How to install (update) the newest Adobe Flash Player? Go to the site Uncheck with Free McAfee® Security Scan Plus (Optional) (or maybe something else, Free Google Toolbar (optional), take a tick anyway). And then click on the yellow button with the inscription Agree and install now to start the installation. Depending on the browser, the installation will begin in different ways:Mozilla Firefox: A yellow string will appear at the top of the page with the Allow button. Click on it. Next, follow the instructions.Internet Explorer: When downloading will be instructions in pictures.Opera: Download the installation file, close the browser and run this file.You can install yourself any other browser on your computer. Here is the list of the most popular:Read more: How to fix a wide shoulder topMozilla Firefox: Download Google Chrome: Download Opera: Download Safari: Download Internet Explorer: downloadI addressed technical support, but I did not answer why? The answer to your question already has in the Frequent Questions tab. Please look for it there.Intercom intercom is needed in order to ensure safety at the entrance of an apartment building, as criminals usually expect a victim in open not protected entrances to get into the apartment. Travel site My favorite travel site and not only – Atlas Obscura. Previously, here simply collected information about unusual sights, strange museums, insane monuments and everything, now – this is the rental of information racks information racks – this is a cheap, efficient and for these reasons a very popular type of advertising facility. Basically, advertising print materials are placed on such structures. For example, such Hiking tours In Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, why are you going there? – Ask me friends before leaving in Kyrgyzstan. No one could understand that in this country an interesting thing and what to do there.

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Who’s here?

Humanity, as after a long sleep, will finally shake and throw in search of new sensations and adventures. Where to buy a phone holder Although I am a motorist with experience, on the road is still careful, so I always observe all the rules of the road! Including I all agree that it is impossible to distract the knives for diving. Some divers believe that the knife for diving takes at diving it is not necessary, he is unlikely to use it.However, it is not necessary to treat your own safety under water. Knife, as the legendary online shopping shop LEANDER four years ago, visited Prague four years ago.In a specialized store saw the finest china LEANDER factories. The dishes of milk color with hand painted, no more than 30 mm thick, it is famous for the Czech Republic.


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We hand out the keys for “Airport City”

What’s new: What’s new in version 4.9.16 a mystical adventure! Build in your city the tomb and help Professor Clanda to hold the Ritual of Pharaohs to find out the secret of eternal life! Perform all tasks on time to get the Luxury Palace of Pharaoh. Send flights to Giza, Mycenae, Dakhshur and other ancient necropolis. Collect new paranormal collections. Increase the maximum fuel supply by building oil refineries. The action “Curse of the Tsari Valley” Dr. Clandau decides to plunge into the study of the phenomenon of the curse of the Tomb of Pharaoh, and asks you to help him in this difficult business.Meanwhile, strange events begin to occur in the city: people with blurred eyes walk everywhere and mumble something on incomprehensible language! Join the exciting journey and help residents avoid trouble! Adventure is available to all level 7 players and older! New quests, collections, flights and buildings! For the successful completion of the adventure you will need: ● Collection of an ancient ritual – 5 times ● Collection of a wall whisper – 5 times ● Collection of the Nile Vladyka collection – Finish the adventure on time and get the Palace of Pharaoh, as a reward. The building increases your maximum population by 50 people! »’Step by step guide for the successful quest” Curse of the Tsari Valley “for the successful passage of adventure you will need to do the following: ⦁ Follow the flights to the ancient tombs in Giza, Cvetlery, Mycenae, Sur and Paphos.

Airport City Output Code

Articles Home »News Published: 0334390000 Wreck Diving in Russia, MIL MI-2 Helicopter Airport-City Android, I. Pad. But we know with you that everything is not so simple. Friday is a whole new life! Take gifts to celebrate the onset of the weekend. And do not forget to click “I like”! City Airport #android, #i. OS, #Windows. 8 * NET. As the writes, there is almost nothing to European authorities. For comparison, in Sofia, you can live four days for this money.Also promotional codes you can receive each Friday in the Al-Hobar game group · Al-Hobar Beach · Jeddah Al-Taras · Dzhidda · Jedda City Star. Tags: Sitting Airport Code, Airport City Traveler in time, time travelers cannot collect taxes, Airport City Travelers in time, Airport City codes for money.Gift site game Airport City Airport CITY.Hello everyone! If you love aircraft, we invite you to take part in the distribution of codes for the “Airport City” Android from the company Game Insight! We distribute the keys for the “Airport City” to give the keys for Airport City about the game The fascinating game-strategy game-Citi consists of two parts: one you have to build a modern international airport with all services and services, and to another – develop the city, which will provide an airport with everything necessary. Under your control, flights will be departed to any corner of the globe, you can get acquainted with interesting characters and collect the collection of exotic items from around the world.If you like the distribution – write in the comments and we will repeat! u003d) P.s. Also promo codes you can receive every Friday in the game group on the lottery can only participate users who follow the organizer.Collect elements of the collection of ancient ritual, as well as additional items for the construction of the tomb. ⦁ Build the tomb, buying it in the store in the residential buildings tab. To build, you will need additional items that you can get flying to flights to the ancient tombs: Giza, Cvetlery, Mycenae, Sur and Paphos.⦁ After building, the building will be ready to collect every 60 minutes. Collect elements of the collection of wall whisper, as well as obsessed passengers to send to a special flight – Dakhshur. ⦁ Send a straightening shirt as a gift! It will be needed to send a flight to the ancient necropolis Dakhshur. ⦁ Handling aircraft with obsessive passenger shirts, send flights to Dakhshur, and collect the collection of Vladyka Nile. New building: Tomb You can build this building by purchasing it in the store in the Living Buildings for 1500 coins.

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Airport City Codes for weekends

Please note: – Code for Airport City must be administered with asterisks; – IOS users need to copy the link and insert it in. Friday – an excellent day, because the weekend will come! Output code: * Lava404 *.Current gift code. News Where to buy Blend for the camera Progress Seven-mile steps goes on our planet. This time he touched the art of photographing, in particular, the cameras themselves. If before everyone used the film, which then you need to touch the 3V1 APEXEL phone 3B phone lens to use these lenses as an addition to the main chamber, as it is not always possible to carry a mirror camera with you (in view of its weight). This set from Apexel HD Tour in Ukraine So passed another winter, which means it’s time for spring and everything is beautiful that it is connected with it.

Gift Code Airport City for weekends

It brings 19 obsessive passengers that you will need to send flights to Dakhshur every 60 minutes. For his construction, they will need additional items that you can get, flying to the flights to the ancient tombs, or asking the neighbors.ImportantYou need 4 basalt plates, 4 granite slabs, 4 sandstone plates and 4 limestone plates to complete the construction of each tomb. You can also send as a gift one of the random plates for your friends! New collections: – Ancient ritual Items can be obtained by making flights to Giza, Cvetlery, Mycenae, Sur and Paphos. – Whisper of walls Items of this collection can be obtained in the tomb of your city – Vladyka Nile for the items of the Collection Make Flights to Dakhshur New Bonuses: Electroschoker After applying this bonus, all demonic buildings will be ready to collect obsessed passengers. Home »News Published: 0334390000 Airport City Hacking get ready for the holidays! Festive updates! The fascinating feature of the “Airport-Citi” strategy game consists. Version: 4.10.10 Airport City (Post Freedom. Reason for editing: current gift code. Find any member gift code on this site or where. Thus, you send a request to the neighborhood (friendship) to another game, as promotion you get 1 . After you authorized you a new one, you can exchange gifts with it. To send a gift in the tab. If something is missing for you to complete the task: 4. In your data, specify what you need (not forgetting to make a list of what There are you). Go to the list of players and by the drop-down list, find a participant who has what you need, and check that you have what he needs. The player will need to harmoniously develop both its “primary”: to build new residential buildings so that they “generated” more potential passengers, take care of providing all electricity structures, build new take-off stripes and hangars, accept and send aircraft to make a profit. In general, the game procedure at City Airport is such. First you need to buy a hangar, aircraft and a runway. After that, you need to collect passengers in the terminal. Then, clicking on the hangar, you need to choose a flight and send a plane to the sky. After he returns, the player will receive a reward. While player planes in the flight, he can take other people’s planes, earning some money on their maintenance. To do this, it is only necessary to wait for the landing request (on the screen of the radar on the right) and give the aircraft permission to land.Beautiful calm economic strategy “City Airport: Building City” will give you the opportunity to test your organizational talents. If you do not like the endless running on the locations and murder of enemies, then the construction of the city should definitely like it!

About playing airport city

In this game you will have to build a modern comfortable airport, turning it into a major international transport node. Start you, as usual, with a small nobody famous town. You have to lead the construction of a big airport from the nier and bring it to the level of international class.Start from one runway and a small building of the airport. It should be thought out from the very beginning transport accessibility The airport, bring roads to it and various communications. Due to the limited resources, you will not at first provide a very high level of comfort for passengers. But as opportunities appear, it is necessary to constantly improve the convenience and develop the entire range of services – to build new buildings, open restaurants and cafes, to provide reliable parking lots, consider the protection system and so on.Of course, along with the transport infrastructure will also develop the city, and you will have to pay attention to him. Following the growth of the airport, the city will also grow, and little will turn into a large and modern megalopolis.


Before you start the game, you will be offered a training course from several trial missions. They will help to figure out all the details of the gameplay. After that, you will be ready to start real construction and rapid development. When stable profits and free money appear, it will open the opportunity to buy large and spacious aircraft to open long-range international lines. For receiving and servicing new aircraft will have to build modern bull strips and playlocks, spacious hangars and repair shops.However, the comfort, convenience and safety of passengers and residents of the city still need to be given primary attention. Otherwise, the airport is simply no one will use and your profits will fall. Do not ignore the issues of infrastructure development, small outlets and facilities, recreation facilities staff and various entertainment facilities in the city. All development should be carried out comprehensively and harmoniously, only then success awaits you.Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

Features of the game

  • calm and creative economic game for smart people;
  • a large number of possible scene development options;
  • well-thought-out system of tips and trial missions;
  • many of the most diverse buildings and buildings for the city and airport;
  • colorful and clear graphics;
  • the interface is available Russian;
  • the game without connecting to the Internet.
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How to get a bonus code

Periodically, you will be offered individual missions and tasks, for the successful implementation of which additional bonuses will be accrued. They are also, as well as ordinary money, you can spend on the purchase of new equipment, the arrangement of the city or construction.

Cheat codes for Airport City

GFJ-7387DB566D – endless money,KP-76FF5A2B2E – free shopping,LT-E46F13C9C2 – Getting resources for airports.Games from social networks slowly move and on the iPad. I do not freeze in socialkas (even I go to Facebook once a week to approve requests for friendship), therefore I play such games on the tablet. Well, and since I adore economic games and sit libliders, then I definitely download all the novelties and “test” them for interest and fascination. – The new game from Game Insight (natives and mysterious house are also their games). The unusualness of the game is that you are developing two directions at once: build your airport and city that supplies passengers for aircraft. The idea is interesting, but the rest is the usual unpretentious city planner, we will start immediately from the advantages, and then consider the shortcomings of the game.

Pluses of the game:

Different characters give different tasks. Characters, by the way, also cool. This, for example, Stewartes Jeanne, engineer Stern, senior pilot Captain Kim, Collector Mr. Wulf and San Sanych technician. All their quirks, so do not miss:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • Interesting construction regime

I really liked that the construction of any building can be accelerated by paying coins for it. In the game there are two types of currency: coins that can earn flights and banknotes that can be earned only by increasing its level.Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsSo I was very happy to speed up the construction so simple – no need to wait a few hours while the desired building is built:Read more: How to make a plastic pry toolCheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsIn order to build some buildings (for example, improving dispatching), different items will be required, they can be bought or brought from flights. Periodically, aircraft break, but the repair can be accelerated if there are necessary spare parts in stock (fall out of flights and come as a gift from friends):Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsI love collection. Here they also have – items can be found at guests from friends, they fall out of guest and their own aircraft, and bonuses give a bonuses as a reward for collecting the collection:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsBonuses are good. For example, a business class for 6 hours tripled increases income from flights, and a happy hairpin increases the experience gained by flights. Also for collecting the collection you will receive a certain number of experience points and money:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • Flights to different countries

At the very beginning, your pilots can only fly into nearby settlements, but with the growth of your professionalism and the possibilities in flights are growing. For example, you can fly to Egypt, Malta or Bali. For each flight – its own type of aircraft. For some flights, additional items will be required – so that you need a powerful radio station to fly to Malta (you can buy or get as a gift from friends):Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsTo fly to Thailand, you need to perform a whole chain of tasks: build a flight school and reach 11 levels, and to visit Rome or London, you need to also earn a certain number of stars. Stars are given for obtaining a new title in different flights. So, to get the title of expert in the flights to Cyprus, you need to make 39 flights (for this they will give 3 stars):Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsThe number of stars already earned can be viewed in the upper left corner next to the level.

Cons Games:

  • Little decorated decorarics (flowers, parks, trees)

In the Decor tab, only 4 affordable decorations:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsAt the same time, they cannot be placed on the airport. And I would like to decorate it, in Bangkok Airport for example, very beautiful – more precisely, not the airport itself, and its territory on which passengers are taken on a special bus. And at other airports in which I had a chance to visit, the territory is also very well-kept and beautiful.On the roads of emptiness, why not let them beautiful cars and buses, who will take passengers to the airport? Now roads look like huge gray spots ((Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • Uncomfortable to move the buildings

In order to move several buildings, you have to make a whole bunch of unnecessary actions. After confirming the new location, the “drag mode” turns off, you have to press again on the arrow and the desired button …Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • No support for Retina Display New Apad

In principle, it is not critical (I play just on the third iPad), but if the developers make a version for such a tablet – will be super.There is also no support for the first iPad model.From a certain moment, you can only buy a new section of the earth for banknotes. For someone, this is a developer greed indicator, for someone a challenge to earn money and passing the game without investing real money …Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • Constantly pop-up window with new

Not that minus, but it has time to get bored. 🙂Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsAs in many other Game Insight games to quickly develop your city, you need to either pay real money (buy coins and banknotes), or actively “be friends”.Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsVisiting friends you can collect some money, fuel or passengers:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsThey can also give you useful things: fuel, spare parts required in repair, etc. For example, I try to give fuel (it is constantly lacking):Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsHow to add friends?Everything is very simple. Before you start the game, you can choose a game name yourself. I, of course, took my old good nick Verytruth. . You can add me as friends in the tab Add friend:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsYour dispatchers can take guest aircraft while your own furrows to the universe. The award for such a plane is not very big, but they can find collectible items:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekendsIt is more convenient to take (and send, by the way, too) several aircraft simultaneously (so as not to press the download buttons for a hundred times, sending and refilling), so I immediately built several runways:Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • Building Profit Buildings

Coins can be brought not only successfully completed flights, but also buildings in the city. Build them as much as possible.Cheat codes at the airport City Android. Airport City Output Code. Gift Code Airport City for weekends

  • Make tasks and charge collections

For performing tasks and charging collections, as I wrote above, give a good award. So – forward, boil the expanses of the universe with its spacecraft aircraft.


Output: Game with good potential, I hope it will bring it to mind and play it even more interesting. I think the game will like the children from 10 years old (most importantly, do not forget to turn off internal purchases through parental control). Add to friends if you need any special items as a gift – write. 🙂Read more: how to write 300 on a check

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