How To Ensure Your Electric Fence Is Working Properly

When working with animals raised using a hot-wire fence, there’s always the lingering question: “How can I be sure it’s working?” LEAVING IT will quickly learn when the fence is and isn’t on, and many people have no problem rubbing against it when it’s off. The problem, of course, is when it’s turned back on. Horses that learn to run through a hot-wire fence when it’s off are more likely to run over it while it’s alive, potentially injuring itself and destroying your fence rendering it useless. YES ON?



Read more: How to draw a burger step by step One way is to touch it. This is not recommended. Not only does it hurt, but other than knowing that there is some current flowing through the system, it really won’t tell you much else. If you decide to do this, touch the rope with the back of your hand as the current can cause your muscles to spasm causing you to cling to the fence and keep you from letting go.


Another option is to touch it with a stick or a blade of grass. This is also not recommended. This will reduce the feel, but again, doesn’t tell you much about how well the system is performing. However, this is a much safer method than touching any part of your body.


A better option would be a voltmeter. These relatively inexpensive tools are simple to use, plug one probe into the soil and touch the other end to the fence. This will not only tell you IF current is flowing through the system, but it will also tell you how amperage is. This tool is also handy to make sure your fence isn’t so long that the current becomes weak at points.

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Read more: How to repaint a deck with peeling paint There are also several options of electric fence testers available on the market. These can help you find shorts in fences, check voltages, and some even have timers to make sure your fence is working on time. These can cost less than $10 and can cost over $100. It all depends on the features you want. Examples of these can be found here. REGULAR MAINTENANCE You should check your electrical fence at least once a month to make sure everything is working properly and if there is any drop in voltage that you detect there is a leak. This way you are ensuring that your horses are being kept within a safe, responsible fence that will protect them from themselves and other animals. And remember, if any of your friends suggest that you pee on an electric fence to check, they really aren’t you.

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