How To Enable Slide To Unlock Ios 10

What happened to Slide to Unlock in iOS 10? If you’ve updated to iOS 10 on your iPhone or iPad, you’ve certainly noticed one of the most immediately noticeable changes; slide to unlock no longer works. Instead, if you slide right on the lock screen of iOS 10, you will arrive at the widget screen. Replace the old familiar gesture that is the new Press Home to unlock operation Read: how to enable slide to unlock iOS 10 Pressing Home to unlock means you are pressing the Home button to activate the passcode screen code or Touch ID. Don’t press too long, or you’ll turn on Siri. If you mess it up and end up with Siri half the time, welcome to the club, but there’s a nice little trick hidden in Settings that can improve the lock screen experience in iOS 10, and that’s turning it off. “Press Home to Unlock” feature. With the “Press Home to Unlock” feature disabled, you’ll simply place your finger on the Home button instead of actually pressing it down. Read more: how to create a mini album from start to finish there is no way to get Slide-to-Unlock back in iOS 10. Unless Apple reverses this or makes changes elsewhere to the iOS update in iOS 10. future, then that’s the way.

How to disable “Press Home to unlock” in iOS 10 lock screen

The ability to place a finger to unlock an iOS device is an option only available on Touch ID-equipped iPhone and iPad hardware with the latest iOS release, here’s where to find the setting:

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  • Open the “Settings” app and go to “General” then “Accessibility”
  • Select “Home Button”
  • Find the setting for “Finger rest to open” and turn it to ON position
  • Disable Press Home to Unlock in iOSThis will disable Press Home to unlock and instead turn it into a Rest Finger to Unlock function, much like how using Touch ID to unlock an iPhone or iPad worked in previous iOS releases. If you want to trigger a passcode prompt instead of Touch ID, you’ll need to place an unknown finger on the Home Button or press it down on a device without Touch ID. Another trick is to press it with your fingernail to avoid Touch ID recognition.Click Home to Unlock instead of Slide to Unlock

    How to re-enable Slide to Unlock in iOS 10?

    As mentioned before, the slide-to-unlock gesture can’t be enabled in iOS 10. It’s gone. It is possible that a future version of iOS will allow the return of the Slide to Unlock gesture, but for now it seems to have been permanently removed. how to unlock iPhone from device origin and some users may prefer the older way and some may prefer the new way. Once you get used to the Press Home to unlock feature, it works pretty well for most users, and the new lock screen might even be one of iOS 10’s better features thanks to its widget screen and quick camera access, although disabling Press Home and using the finger rest to unlock option outlined above may be preferred for some. Sayonara slides to unlock and says hello to Press Home to unlock.Read more: how to make a motorized adjustable bed

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