How To Dump Fresh Water Tank

Having trouble draining your RVs freshwater tank? Don’t worry – we’ve got it for you! Read: how to empty a freshwater tank In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to drain an RV freshwater tank quickly and easily. Plus, tips (and warnings) will help you through the process. Let’s start!

How to Drain a Freshwater Tank on an RV


Draining your RV freshwater tank is a relatively simple process. But there are some important steps to take to do it correctly, which we outline below. Read more: 60 in Words | First Q&A Before we begin, you’ll first need to locate the freshwater tank drain valve and the low-point drain valves (if you don’t know where they are already). These are usually located underneath your RV below or near the freshwater tank, but this will vary.If you can’t find your relief valve, check your RV owner’s manual for the location. See the FAQ section below for links to owner’s manuals for some of the most common RV and 5th wheel manufacturers.

How to empty a freshwater tank & lines step by step

  • Turn off the water heater before draining the fresh water system.
  • Wait for the water in both the freshwater system and the thermos flask to cool down to room temperature.
  • Open all faucets, including outside showers, if you have one.
  • If possible, place the RV water heater in a forked position to prevent water from entering the water heater.
  • Open the freshwater tank drain valve and drain the water out.
  • Open the low point drain plug or valve. There should be one for both hot and cold water lines.
  • Flush the toilet until the water stops flowing.
  • Turn on the fresh water pump if necessary, removing any remaining water from the freshwater lines.
  • Remove the drain plug of the water heater and let the water drain completely. Check out our guide on how to drain water in an RV water heater for some important tips!
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    Importance: These are general guidelines for draining your freshwater system. Please refer to your owner’s manual for instructions specific to your camping model.

    Frequently asked questions

    Where Is The Clogged Sewer Clearing?

    Typically, the drain location of your freshwater tank is located underneath your RV, just below your freshwater tank, and will be attached to a hose or hose. However, this will vary by manufacturer and model. You should check your RV owner’s manual for the exact location of your relief valve. If you can’t find the owner’s manual, you may have to contact the manufacturer to get a copy. Here are links to manuals from some of the most popular RV manufacturers:

    • Jayco Owner’s Manual
    • Forest River Owner User Manual
    • Grand Design Owner User Manual
    • Keystone Owner’s Guide
    • Winnebago Owner’s Manual
    • Thor . Owner’s Manual
    • Airstream User Manual

    Tips: Information for flushing your freshwater tank is usually in the plumbing section of the manual.

    Should I Leave Water In My RV Freshwater Tank?

    Read more: fate 2 ways to join the faction | Q&A top If you plan to refrigerate or store your RV for an extended period of time, it’s a good idea to empty your freshwater tank. Eventually, the water in your freshwater tank will be contaminated and not good for cooking or drinking. Traveling with a full tank adds weight to your engine, causing wear and tear and increasing fuel consumption. You can always refill the RV water tank with fresh water when you reach your destination.

    How long can you keep fresh water in your RV tank?

    In general, you should only keep fresh water in your RV tank for about two weeks. However, many factors can affect how long your drinking water will last. diaper lover

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