How To Drift A Car In Gta 5

Drifting has always been an important part of racing in popular culture, be it movies or games. It is an integral part of street racing and became ingrained in the public mind after The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift was released. GTA 5 doesn’t fail to capitalize on the trend by making a big part of their racing meta. Racing games and even open world games like GTA have left no way to integrate drift as part of their gameplay mechanics. You may ask what is drift? Reading passage: how to drift a car in gta 5 In very simple terms, drift is the force of sliding through a turn without turning out. Power-slide refers to a car that swerves into a skid after being hit by the handbrake and turning around Read more: how to say happy easter in Greek | Top Q&AAlso read: 5 best PC games that only require 1 GB RAM

How to Drift in GTA 5?

Sliding the ball is visually impressive and can often be the best part of a street race in GTA 5. However, keep in mind that when playing an online race you should always rush into corners and not be drifting. Losing speed and if not done properly will often result in your vehicle spinning out and in the opposite direction and losing time. with friends in GTA Online or shoot up the storm by yourself in GTA 5, be sure to go around and let everyone know about Los Santos’ flashiest driver.Also read: 5 best PC games that can run on i3Basic tips on how to drift:

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  • Accelerate to a decent speed as you approach the turn.
  • Easily switch turns by releasing the acceleration button, don’t press the brake/reverse key as it will kill the momentum.
  • Turn into the corner by pressing the right direction.
  • Press the Handbrake key as soon as you start turning and hold it over the top.
  • While the car is sliding, hold down the reverse direction key to prevent the car from turning. (Example: If you’re panning left, once you’ve started sliding, hold down the right key to stop spinning).
  • Let the car go straight to the end of the turn.
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