How To Draw Wet Anime Hair Step By Step

This tutorial shows how to draw anime and manga style wet hair with step-by-step illustrated instructions. It also provides overlapping examples of how drawing wet hair differs from drawing dry/normal hair.Drawing wet hair step by step in anime: Anime and manga scenes involving rain, bathing, and swimming all most likely show wet hair. The same can be true for action scenes involving water or even a character who simply sweats a lot. can follow to help you prove that the hair you are painting is really wet.

Anime dry hair


Anime drawing dry hairDrawing dry hair in anime Before drawing wet hair, you should at least estimate what a dry version of the same hair will look like. You can see the “dry” version of the hairstyle used for this tutorial above.

Specification of wet hair

In general, wet hair will have less volume then dry hair because it will stick more tightly to the head due to its own weight pulling down. Heavier it will also tend to hang downwards and reach further down. Please note that there are some exceptions to this such as hair pulled back or rolled into a tight bun, etc. For a more detailed read of this approach see: How to Draw Anime and Manga Hair – Female For a quick basic explanation, you can think of hair as front, side, and back/top combination.

Step 1 – Draw the front hair

Anime front wet vs dry hair drawingDraw wet and dry hair before the anime Before drawing the hair, you should sketch the head and draw the overlapping hair. You can delete the obscured parts of the head later. than normal with individual clumps facing down more indicating they contain more water. You can also pull clusters closer together near their origin. Doing so will make the hair look more like hair sticking to the forehead than it does wet hair.Anime drawing wet hair in frontDrawing wet front hair in anime Read more: How to Style a Women’s Polo T-Shirt Since this hairstyle is quite simple, you can draw most individual buns in no time. Although the drawing example shows dark lines for the hair, you may still want to draw light lines that can be easily erased if you are using pencil and paper.

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Step 2 – Draw sideburns

Anime wet vs dry sideburns drawingAnime drawing wet vs dry sideburns They will have less volume and instead of a tight fit, the face will hang almost straight down.Anime wet sideburns drawingAnime wet sideburns drawing To make the changes easier, see a comparison drawing showing their own sideburns but your drawing should look like the examples above.

Step 3 – Draw the top hair

Anime head wet vs dry hair drawingThe anime draws wet and dry hair for the top of the hair, the main change being less volume with the bottom curls falling more down instead of curling to the sides.Anime head wet drawing hairAlso, if you are following the instructions, you will have a drawing similar to the one above

Step 4 – Draw the back hair

Anime back wet vs dry hair drawingIn this particular hairstyle, the back/bottom of the hair is the fan favorite, it will also have the biggest transition from dry to wet. “Press” against each other. At the same time, again draw them downwards and hang lower.Anime wet back hair drawingDrawing wet hair later in the anime You should have an outline drawing of your hair after you finish the latter.

Step 5 – Clean up the drawing

Anime wet hair sketch drawingSketching wet hair in anime For this short step, you can simply erase the ends that are covered by the hair and make any other small edits you may feel necessary. at this stage you can skim it with darker lines.

Step 6 – Draw the small details of the hair

Wet anime drawing hair linesAnime wet hair detailing To make the hair look a bit more interesting, you can add a few splits/inner creases to some of the curls. For this very basic example, we’ll just add three. But if you want a more detailed drawing, you can add more in different places.

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Step 7 – Basic Shading

Anime wet hair glossyShading wet hair in anime If you’re going to shade your drawing with pencil and paper, you might want to check out step 9 before continuing. Paint the “bottom back hair” slightly darker. If you also want to add highlights, you can check out the following tutorial for some examples: Different ways to draw hair highlights in anime

Step 8 – Draw water drops

Anime hair teardrop drawingDrawing water droplets on hair in anime Read more: Nail care — Treatment and Prevention Now to reinforce the idea of ​​wet hair we can add some drops of water to a few spots on the hair . On the ends of the hair or rolled down the sides. Draw the drops rolling down the sides in a shape similar to an upside-down question mark, you’ll notice there are also a few drops drawn on the face and neck. If a character has drops of water in their hair, chances are they will also have drops of water in those places.

Step 9 – Draw the Water Drop Inside (Final Step)

Anime wet hair glossyAnime wet hair shading For this step you can add water drops that will be drawn inside the main shape of the hair. Quite often in anime and manga their outlines are drawn in white because otherwise they would be very hard to see on dark hair, which makes this teardrop set a bit more difficult if you are shading with pencil. One thing you can do is just leave these areas white and have some shade around them. If you want to do that then you can drain less “inner drops” to make the process less tedious. Alternatively, you could use something like gouache paint to draw drops right over the pencil shading. most of them are similar to a “U” shape slightly wider towards the bottom. You can also combine multiple drops together into a wave shape. If you want to show off really wet hair, draw these waves larger and create more shapes.Anime comparing wet hair and dry hairComparison of wet and dry hair in anime

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The steps to draw wet hair in anime and manga are not much different from drawing normal (dry) hair in the same style. The main feature of wet hair is less hair volume and downward facing hair. You can also add a few drops of water to show your hair is still wet.

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