How To Draw The Impossible Circle

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In this lesson, you will learn how to draw a simple optical illusion called the impossible circle. Start!

Step 1 – Draw Basic Circles

The first step is to draw a circle. Obviously, you can use a compass or circular pattern to do this. But I’ll show you a neat little trick to draw a perfect circle by hand. of your circle. We’ll use this knuckle here as the pivot point and place it on the dot.Hold your pencil firmly so it doesn’t move and gently turn the paper over with your other hand.Impossible circle 2And you’ll end up with a perfect (or near-perfect) circle.Impossible circle 3Read more: How to draw a pentagram Next, we will draw a smaller circle inside this shape. To do this, I will rotate my finger. Of course, everyone’s hands are different, so use whichever position you feel comfortable in.Impossible Circle 4.5Then mark the north and south points of the smaller circle. Now draw 2 spiral-like curves from these points to the great circle. There are spirals that can be a bit tricky so don’t be afraid to erase and redraw them as many times as you need to get it just right.Impossible circle 4

Step 2 – Shade Your Impossible Circle

And now let’s add some finishing touches to this drawing, I’m going to add gradients in these 2 corners with emphasis in the middle. I will be using 2H & HB pencils to create the base tones.Impossible circle 5I also want the circles’ lines to follow the pattern of gradation, so I’ll lighten them with a kneaded eraser and then darken them as needed during the shading. The lines will be bright where the shadows are and dark where the shadows are. Next, we’ll put the same gradient on the other side.Impossible circle 6I will now use 2B & 4B pencils to darken the ends of the gradations even more. Read more: 7 dead days how to upgrade frames | Top Q&AImpossible circle 7

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Step 3 – Add Shadows

And finally, I want to make this circle look as if it popped up from the page a bit. To do this we will have to place some shadows. Imagine that the light source is coming from above. In that case, there will be a drop shadow in this area of ​​the outer circle and in this area of ​​the inner circle.Impossible circle 8One thing to remember is that the shadow will be darkest when it is close to the subject and lighten as it moves into the light. It is important to capture this gradation.Impossible circle 9Again, I’ll use a 2B pencil to create the base tone first.Now I will use q-tip to soften the edge of the shadow and smooth the shadow. And then I’ll use the 4B pencil to create really dark shadows right near the subject. And we’re done!Impossible Circle (Final Drawing)I hope you enjoyed this lesson. If you did, help me out and share it with your friends on your favorite social network. Everyone like and share a lot to support the channel and help me continue to make free videos like this.Read more: How to Draw Anakin Skywalker | Top Q&A

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