How To Draw Sheep In A Field

How to Draw Sheep grazing in the field – Easy for kids and preschoolers Since 2015 is the year of the sheep, we thought we’d post a tutorial on drawing some simple cartoon sheep. This drawing tutorial is mainly taken from a very old, non-copyrighted book. This tutorial can be easily done by kids younger and older…just be there to support them. Drawing instructions can be found below.

How to Draw Sheep & Lambs in a Meadow – Simple for kids and preschoolers


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Step 1

01-cartoon-easy-sheepDraw a shape resembling the letter ‘U’ for the sheep’s face.

Step 2

02-cartoon-easy-sheepDraw a dot for each eye. Draw a ‘Y’ shape for the nose.

Step 3

Read more: how to remove bubbles from window color03-cartoon-easy-sheepDraw the letter ‘v’ in the shape of ears.

Step 4

04-cartoon-easy-sheep– Then draw zigzag lines around the sheep – in a circle.

Step 5 – Then you can use the techniques above to draw sheep in the field

05-cartoon-easy-sheep– The sheep we drew, is the one in the middle. Draw his legs with curved lines. Draw 2 ovals (filled) at the bottom of the hooves.Read more: how to make cat ears– All sheep look basically the same so you can pretty much do with what you did with the first sheep, but in different sizes and shapes.– Some sheep are slightly different, these are the ones we are showing you how to make now.– Draw 2 curved lines in the back for the row. fence. You can connect them with several lines… for the fence posts.

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Step 6

06-cute cartoon-sheep– Add a few more details… such as the bottom of the tree, some eyes, ears and head.

Finished drawing the black and white line of the sheep in the meadow

Finished drawing the black and white line of the sheep in the meadow– Complete the drawing – such as the top of a tree. You can color in your artwork now if you want. I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial, come back sooner. Read more: how to rearrange photos in android gallery

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