How To Draw Korean Brows And The Best Korean Brow Products To Use (2021 Guide For Beginners)

Korean eyebrows are perhaps characterized by their unusually straight and full appearance. Eyebrows are denser but also softer than “Western eyebrows”, often with clear curves and strokes. K-drama and K-pop, Korea’s straighter brows are said to look more natural and associated with innocence and youthful glamour, complementing a fresh, radiant face with the right makeup. K. Korean standard eyebrows may not suit all face shapes. More suitable for people with oval faces, the standard Korean eyebrow can look odd with other face shapes, although you can create a variation of the original for a better fit. with his face shape. You can read about your face shape. But the great thing about makeup is that you can always try and then remove it if it doesn’t feel right for you. So, if you’re ready to learn how to draw Korean eyebrows, read on for the step-by-step guide we’ve put together, including tips we’ve gathered from makeup artist and YouTuber Beautifymeeh.

How to draw Korean eyebrows


Step 1: Concealer or pluck eyebrows

Korean eyebrows look straighter, it looks like there’s no obvious arch Read more: how to hang a wooden sign If you’re committed to this look, you can definitely consider trimming your brows to them no more obvious arches. You can do this yourself or with an eyebrow artist.korea-eyebrows-concealer-1However, the safer option is to cover up with concealer. Make sure your brows are trimmed shorter for easier concealment. Use your fingers to blend concealer with an even motion for a more natural look.

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Step 2: Draw a straight line from under your eyebrows

korean-brows-draw-underFrom under your eyebrow, draw a straight line from the beginning to the end of the eyebrow, meeting the point where you want the eyebrow to end.korea-eyebrows-pull-enlarged

Step 3: Connect to your eyebrow tip

korean-brows-draw-join-linesNow that you have finished drawing the line from below the eyebrow, draw the upper part of the eyebrow, connecting it to the end of the eyebrow.

Step 4: Puree

korea-eyebrows-draw-blendRead more: how to send someone’s snapchat story to others | Top Q & AU Use cotton swab or spoolie to remove makeup. Focus on the starting point of the brow to make sure it has an angled look.

Step 5: Interface strength

korea-eyebrows-draw-intensifyFinally, if you’re happy with the shape of your brows, enhance the look by adding makeup to your brows. Be aware that Korean eyebrows look very delicate, so make sure you don’t use too much boldness.

Best korean eyebrow pencil

Now that we’ve completed the steps, it’s time to assemble the tools you need. Eyebrow pencils are great for shaping Korean brows because they can create precise lines while providing a subtle, natural-looking finish.

The best Korean eyebrow powder

When it comes to dense Korean brows, brow powder seems to be useful for applying in barren areas but one important point to keep in mind: pick a good brow brush! And that has to do with the product you’re pairing it with. When done right, an eyebrow brush can help even out color and make your brows look more natural.

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Best Korean Mascaras and Eyebrow Color

Eyebrow color and mascara are a lifesaver for those with sparse eyebrows. They cling to skin and hair to darken areas covered by the formula and often require a brush, cotton swab, cotton pad, and water to apply evenly. is all for this method. Otherwise, it might be a bit difficult to shape Korean eyebrows for makeup rookies.

Video tutorial to draw Korean eyebrows

Like to watch videos? Here’s one of the things we love: Read more: how to remove crowns at home

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