How To Draw Hips Simply: Best Drawing Guide

Drawing is one of the best ways to relax and calm down after a stressful day. But what if the simple doodles are already pretty boring and you want to learn how to depict more realistic things, such as the human body? Even if you’ve never tried drawing something like it before – don’t worry. Here is a step by step tutorial where you will find lots of tips on how to draw hips. Moreover, you can only apply a few steps to draw separate parts. Get information on all the art tricks with WoWPencils. Read: how to draw hips

Supplies needed to draw hips


As always, before you start painting, you need to prepare all the necessary tools to be creative but not be distracted by finding the missing instrument. So here you will need some common equipment that you normally use in sketching or drawing. These are: 2 pencils (HB and B2), a piece of paper or a pad of paper, and an eraser.

Draw the balance line

Basic LineThe first step is always important in creating the whole picture. It’s like a basement for the whole house. So if you make a mistake in this step – you won’t get the expected result. So be precise and follow each step strictly. In fact, there is a single equilibrium line that will serve as the focus of the whole picture. Although the priority task is to draw women’s hips, they will not be the main part of this project. To be more clear, the hips will be part of the feminine silhouette. As such, you will also see how to draw other parts of the body such as the waist and arms. And, the results will help you determine the right body proportions. It will join every step except the last one.

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Create a square area for the pelvis

Read more: How old do you have to be to skydiveArea of ​​the square for the pelvisTo find the center of the pelvis and then to outline it, you need to make a square slightly lower than the baseline. The square should be just the right size to accommodate the main body of the human body on the same sheet of paper.

Add lines of body and shoulders

Body contours and shouldersHere you will need to project the waist. So you have to stretch the lines from the hip angle upwards; they will determine the shape of the body. Then create some curves inward, and these will form the waist. The upper parts of the lines should puff up to form the shoulders. Remember that these lines should be longer than the width of the hips.

Draw the hips and outline of the figure

Hips and contours of the figureAt this stage you will need to make the realistic contours of a woman. No matter what pose she takes, her shoulders and hips will always be the widest parts. The pelvic area along with the lines of the torso and shoulders is the reference point in the image of a balanced and realistic body.

Hand illustration

Hand illustrationRead more: how to dress for cross-country skiing Hand grips are an integral part of getting the most authentic look. In this case, do them with the elbows bent, and don’t forget to narrow them at the wrist. The left wrist rests on the waist, while the other wrist rests and touches the hip.

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Finish the drawing and remove the legs

Draw and remove pinsThis step implies completing the leg. As you may have guessed, the leg is divided into two parts: the thigh (from the bottom of the pelvis to the knee) and the shin (from the knee to the ankle). Same with the arms, don’t forget to narrow the legs from the top to the bottom. Since the hips are the main part of the drawing, ignore the top and bottom of the body.

Add volume through shadow

Add shadowTo complete this project and make it beautiful, apply some strokes. For this purpose, the most suitable tool is the B2 pencil. The darkest strokes are applied to the dark parts, while the light strokes – to the light parts around the entire figure. You should also increase the volume, should apply some strokes to the curve of the wrist, below the knee. In general, the protrusions are the lightest ones.

In short

Everyone always wants to try something new in their life. Art is a popular thing that people are often interested in, especially drawing the human body or its parts. However, this can be quite challenging, so becoming artists should learn more about body structure, shapes, and specific curves. And, as a result, you will be able to solve the depiction of the hip along with other parts. If you haven’t tried it yet – good luck! It will work! Read more: how to update samsung galaxy s4 to lollipop

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