How To Draw Broccoli Step By Step

This tutorial shows how to draw broccoli in six steps. It includes simple stylized examples and quick drawing tutorials.How to Draw Broccoli Step by Step: Broccoli often has a lot of random shapes and small parts so it is quite difficult to draw. However, it can be much easier to draw a more stylized example like this one and it can still look very nice. You can (optionally) switch to a black pen/marker later.

Step 1 – Draw the Crown of Broccoli


Broccoli crown drawingDraw the broccoli crown Start by drawing the outline of the broccoli crown and make sure to leave enough room underneath for the stem. Its shape resembles a cloud with many curves of different sizes. Make the top a little more “bulky” and the bottom a little flatter.

Step 2 – Draw the Trunk / Trunk

Broccoli stem drawingDraw a broccoli stem Read more: How to get a skull with sugar in sim 4 Very similar to a stem splitting into branches, draw a broccoli stem split into segments. In this case, there will be three of them, one in the middle and two bent to each side.

Step 3 – Draw some flowers

Drawing broccoliThe small inflorescences on broccoli are collected in inflorescences. Draw these clusters with smaller cloud-like shapes inside the crown’s main outline. Start by drawing a large block above the trunk.

Step 4 – Add Details / Floret

Detailed drawing of broccoliBroccoli detail drawing: From behind the first bunch of flowers draw a few more. You can add them again with a bunch of different sized curves.

Step 5 – Finish Line Drawing

Broccoli line drawingDraw Broccoli Lines Finally add a few random curves along the bottom of the broccoli crown. Then review your drawing with a black pen, marker, or darker pencil lines.

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Step 6 – Color the Broccoli

Drawing broccoliDrawing broccoli Read more: How to jailbreak your phone without a computer To color broccoli you can simply make the crown dark green and the stem light green. It should be pretty easy to color it using anything. You can do it with markers, crayons, paints or some combination thereof. For pencils, you may need two different color variations. . If coloring with watercolors, you can simply add more water for a lighter green and less for a dark green.


Drawing realistic broccoli can be very time consuming and difficult. Styling an object like in this tutorial can make drawing much simpler while still keeping it fairly legible.

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