How to Draw Asian Eyes

Video How to Draw Asian Eyes One of the most prominent features of Southeast Asian eyes is the eyelid crease tapered instead of parallel with upper eyelid.Read more: how to draw Asian eyes If you have been following my other tutorials on how to draw eyes, you can skip straight to step 4 as most of the steps are similar.

Step 1: Draw a circle


Read more: How to clean eggsHow to draw Asian eyesStart by drawing a faint circle. This is the eyeball. It doesn’t have to be perfect as we’ll delete it completely later. Read more: How to read how to clean eggs

Step 2: Choose an angle

How to draw Asian eyesNote: For this tutorial, the left part of my circle will be the inside of the eye. Read more: How to read how to wash eggs

Step 3: Draw the inner corner of the eye

How to draw Asian eyesHere are a few examples:How to draw Asian eyesRead more: How to clean eggs

Step 4: Draw the Top Cap

How to draw Asian eyesAs you are drawing it, picture the eyelids embracing the spherical eyeball. When drawing white eyes, I like end my stroke is at the intersection of the circle and the line, but for Asian eyes, I want extend My stroke is just a little further:How to draw Asian eyesRead more: How to clean skin with eggs I like to do the same with the inner corners of my eyes. It makes the skin look as if it is tight:How to draw Asian eyesRead more: How to clean eggs

Step 5: Draw the Bottom Cover

How to draw Asian eyesRead more: How to clean eggs

Step 6: Add folds

This is where we can make the eyes look Asian or Caucasian. We are going to draw a curved line running over the eyelid.How to draw Asian eyesTape your pencil at the inner corner of your eye. The extent of your reduction is up to you – In the example below, the crease is only visible at the end.How to draw Asian eyesFor some Southeast Asians, wrinkles may be completely invisible, and for others, it may even run parallel on eyelids instead of tapered At one end, this is an example of a parallel fold, common in people of Caucasian descent. Read more: how to fix bicycle pedal crankHow to draw Asian eyes

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Step 7: Remove the border

How to draw Asian eyesRead more: How to clean eggs

Step 8: Add some details

How to draw Asian eyesLocated in the inner corner of the eye is an area called the caruncula. It’s a little bit of soft pink flesh that’s separate from the eyeball. You can draw a curve or two right there to represent the transition between the two shapes. In the video at the end of this article, I will show you how to shade it. To draw an iris of the right size, I want to measure the eyeball horizontally and divide the space into four. The iris will take up about a quarter of the eyeball. For example:How to draw Asian eyesHow to draw Asian eyesRead more: How to clean eggs

Step 9: Cover your eyes

To learn how to apply eyeshadow and more, please check out the video below. I hope you enjoyed this guide! If you like it, please share it with your friends using the social sharing buttons below. Thank you! If you love RapidFireArt tutorials and want to support what I do, check out my Patreon pageHow to draw Asian eyesRead more: 8 reasons why cocks fight and what you can do about it

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