How To Draw An Open Book Standing Up

How to draw a bookIn one of the previous articles on how to draw, we will show you how to draw a book. That tutorial has become hugely admired and many of our readers have asked us to do one more tutorial and show how to draw a closed book. Tutorial is ready to go, let’s start drawing! So let’s start this tutorial and learn how to draw a book! Note that this tutorial is very simple and you can follow any artist. Literature brings new knowledge and fills unforgettable impressions. Undoubtedly, in the age of technology, a paper book is challenging to withstand the competition, but as Baurzhan Toshibekov has noted, “A civilized person spoils his vision with TV and a cultured person with a book.” Today you will learn a step-by-step guide to this treasure picture of humanity.

How to draw a book in stages


To draw a book full of this knowledge is quite simple. Let’s look at everything in stages.

State 1

Outline future volume. Draw a slightly slanted rectangle. Draw a vertical line in the center of the box.

Phase 2

As you already understood, the size will be open. Therefore, it is necessary to depict slightly curved pages. To do this, from the vertical line, draw two curved lines above and below, as shown in the figure. Also, note that at this stage it is necessary to draw a binding cover. How to draw a book

Stage 3

Now add details, such as bookmarks. On the edges and bottom with slight hand movements, draw lines that reproduce the sides of the publication. Delete all redundant tracks. How to draw a book

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Stage 4

Highlights impose light and shadows for more realism. You can add images and lines. How to draw a book

How to draw a book with a pencil

How to draw a bookAs mentioned earlier, to create a book is easy. The pencil drawings are very pure in the making, but they look very nice and believable. Draw an axis with a low-fat pencil. From it will repel the whole picture. Next, outline the deployed pages in front of you. You can draw them with slightly bent quads. How to draw a bookNext, on both sides, depict a few more eye-catching sheets of paper. Pencil choose not to be too bold; it’s still a sketchHow to draw a bookRead more: how to draw a full-body joker Below, draw an arc and from it lines that diverge in different directions. So you have a cover and binding. Draw the remaining pages as rectangles, as shown in the sample. fourHow to draw a book Draw a bold pencil cover and erase the unwanted lines. Your drawing is ready!How to draw a book

Open the book

How to draw a bookTo give the impression of awe-inspiring happiness in reading your favorite book, make it accessible. As you know, there is a paperback and a hardcover. The main difference is in the way the sheets are assembled and the cover material held together. Hardcover editions look more authoritative and realistic than paperbacks. When describing an expansion set, you must consider the type of constraint, see examples. How to draw a book Sketch light strokes.How to draw a book Draw the binding cover, curl the main pages and sections.How to draw a book Delete extra lines. Circle the outline of the book. Add borders and images. Create a shadow effect with overlapping strokes.How to draw a book

Book is closed

How to draw a bookIn principle, a closed version is a parallel version, so it is quite simple to portray it. Do not press hard on the pencil and draw sketches. See the example below.How to draw a book Next, draw the basic outline, cover, and pages. Read more: How to make victoria secret angel wingsHow to draw a book Use a bold pencil to circle the main lines of the textbook, and use strokes of different lengths to line the page. The name of the manual is written on the cover. Pass the ball with short strokes.

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How to draw a bookOne more example

Here is another example of a closing manual. The principle is the same, so the explanations are not repeated. Old book How to draw a bookHow to draw a book

How to draw a very old book

how to draw a bookThe first version was noted for its incredible beauty; Not only the text is included in each page, but the whole soul. Set of all kinds of patterns, frames and paintings. And the cover is a complete work of art. In the expanded version, the cover itself is not visible. Therefore, it is easier to describe this way. Check out the following step-by-step instructions and try to describe such to draw a bookDon’t be afraid to experiment and to draw a book In the finished drawing, create bright colors! It was so interesting that it to draw a book

Drawing examples for kids

how to draw a bookTo teach a love of reading is necessary from childhood. So read fairy tales to your child, and then offer to draw a book. The story is read, the book is closed. And on top is a promotion – an apple. Start your drawing with him. Then draw parallel lines as shown in the example. To make it easier for children, suggest drawing under a ruler. how to draw a book Paint to your liking. What a wonderful thing that is!how to draw a bookRead more: how to remove urine stains from toilet bowl

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