How To Draw An Egg – A Step By Step Guide

The egg is an amazing natural wonder, as an egg can hold all sorts of creatures from small birds to baby crocodiles. They come in all shapes and sizes, from small bird eggs to large ostrich eggs. Eggs also appear in many works of art, helping with learning how to draw An egg is a tempting prospect Read: how to draw an eggWe only have the tutorial for you if you want to know how it’s done, so be sure to keep reading! This step by step tutorial on how to draw an egg in just 7 steps will show you how you can create your own creative egg drawings.

How to Draw an Egg – Let’s Get Started!


Step 1draw eggs step 1

Eggs have a very different and simple design, so we will focus on creating this shape in the first few steps of our how to draw an egg tutorial. you can start with the beginning The egg will be drawn with a rounded top and it will have a rounded tip at the top. We’ll be drawing the second half in the next step, so let’s move on to step 2!

Step 2 – Draw the bottom of the eggdraw eggs step 2

You’ve finished drawing the top half of the egg, so now we’ll draw the bottom half. To do this, carefully stretch the previous curve until you have the rounded bottom of the egg, unlike the top, which won’t have any sharp ends and will have a flatter rounded bottom.

Step 3 – Draw some designs on the eggdraw eggs step 3

The egg we’re designing in this egg tutorial will have a pretty weird design to it, and to show this we’re going to start drawing some designs on the egg. These patterns will be quite small and round and will be made up of various circles and ovals, now these will go along the top circumference of the egg. We will continue to design this template in the next few steps!

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Step 4 – Now, continue the pattern on the eggdraw eggs step 4

Read more: How to remove a chihuahua tear In this part of the egg drawing, you’ll add some other spotting patterns you started with in the previous step. its bottom. You can also add some small lines throughout the egg for more detail.

Step 5 – Start drawing the base of the egg in this stepdraw eggs step 5

For this fifth step of the how to draw an egg tutorial, we will draw a base for the egg. This egg is in some sand, and it will be slightly submerged in this sand. To draw this sand background, you can use some small curves and serrations on the bottom of the egg. You can also add some lines and jagged edges for some grass detail if you want!

Step 6 – Finishing the base of the egg and final detailsdraw eggs step 6

It’s time to color your amazing egg drawing, but before we do, need to add some final details to the picture. First, you can repeat what you did in the previous step to perfect the base of the egg. Once you’ve completed those final details, you’re ready for the final step! However, before you do, you can add some details of your own to really complete it! You can draw a creative background to show what environment this egg is in. Maybe you can make it look like a dinosaur egg by drawing a volcano and prehistoric trees in the background. Create and draw a strange and wonderful creature next to the egg. How would you finish this drawing before you start coloring?

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Step 7 – Finish your egg drawing with some colorsdraw eggs step 7

Now that your egg drawing is complete, you can now have a good time coloring it! The pattern design we’ve created for this egg makes it look like a weird dinosaur egg or like it might belong to a fantastic fantasy creature! Read more: How to get rid of the fear of the dark This design means you can choose any color you love to color the picture. go for one bright and vibrant color palette Have the colors jump off the page or you can create a more classic and muted look. If you want to create a more vibrant look, then you can use some artistic mediums such as crayons and acrylic paints to make the colors pop If you are thinking of a softer, uncluttered look. more opaque then you can use mediums like watercolors and crayons for that style. What colors and art mediums will you use to complete your egg painting?

Your egg drawing is done!

That will bring you to the end of this how to draw an egg tutorial! We hope that you had a lot of fun working with this tutorial as you learn how to make this amazing egg. Taking on a new drawing challenge doesn’t have to be difficult, so hopefully completing this tutorial allows you to put on a proud smile! Now that you’ve completed this tutorial, it’s up to you to put your own spin on the picture. You can do this by painting the background, changing the texture, or by rendering what spawned this egg. Examples of many tutorials we have on our site are like it. Be sure to visit us there and also check back often as we upload new guides for you to enjoy. so share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to see! We can’t wait to see your incredible artwork!how to draw an egg in 7 easy stepsRead more: how to print from samsung galaxy s7

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