How to draw a sweater

In this step by step tutorial we will learn how to draw a sweater and show realistic soft yarn and knitting. By the end of the tutorial, you’ll have the skills to add some unique designs to your winter collection and designs. So grab your pencils and coloring materials and get started!Time to complete the tutorial: 10 minutesTools you will need: drawing paper, pencils, crayons or/and markers Difficulty level: 7/10 Read: how to draw a sweater

✔How to draw sweater in 13 steps:


Step 1: Draw the base of the sweater

Start by drawing a rectangle and marking its Centerline. This will be the hem of the sweater. From the top corners pull down two curved lines. These are the center lines of the sleeves.

Step 2: Add the openings

With curves marking the bottom of the sleeves, hemline and neckline. Don’t forget to check again sleeve ends of equal size and draw-a-sweater-step-2-5

Step 3: Draw the sweater contour areas

It’s time to complete the contour areas by drawing curved lines parallel to the previous lines. All lines should be soft and curved. There are no harsh lines – this is knitting and everything in the sketch should be light and soft. The width of the cuffs and hem should be draw-a-sweater-step-3-4

Step 4: Add ribs

Read more: how to see how many friends you have on snapchat Short veins should follow the shape of the area they occupy. Notice that they are not parallel at the neckline but more like the sun’s rays. Borders have many variations. You can also try drawing lines at equal distances instead of two-by-two like draw-a-sweater-step-4-5

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Step 5: Draw the outline of the sweater

To get the look of an oversized knit sweater, all the lines should be curled and soft. Draw the bodice and sleeves to make sure that your line fits where the arms are bent and at the waist line. This adds volume and comfort to the draw-a-sweater-step-5-5

Step 6: Draw the folds

A knitted sweater will have long, soft, and deep pleats. Nothing sharp and clear. Add folds where the arms are bent and be careful not to overdo it. Notice the folds cover a bit part of cuff and draw-a-sweater-step-6-4

Step 7: Add knitting instructions

It’s time to establish the rules for the true weave of knitwear. Draw three guide lines for the bodice and one for each sleeve. Make sure the guidelines follow the direction of the draw-a-sweater-step-7-6

Step 8: Draw the holes

Read more: How to repot a cactus Add elliptical holes in the center of the instructions. How should the distance between them be less than their topqa.infoce The holes also follow the change of direction in the draw-a-sweater-step-8-5

Step 9: Finish weaving

Finish the weave with brackets that aren’t perfectly round around the draw-a-sweater-step-9-4

Step 10: Start braiding

Draw a short curve from the bottom of each hole down and to the right to the point where the two square brackets draw-a-sweater-step-10-4

Step 11: Finish the braid

Now add the second part. From the top of each hole up and to the left until you reach the point where the square brackets draw-a-sweater-step-11-4

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Step 12: Draw large weaves

Fill in the blanks with larger weaves following the same draw-a-sweater-step-12

Step 13: Color the sketch

Time to add some color to the sweater sketch. You can use any medium, but markers, crayons, and pastels will be the best choices because of the natural textures there are. When coloring, add slightly darker color in the holes and around the draw-a-sweater-step-13I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and that it inspired you to include some wonderful warm sweaters in your next collection. If you have any tutorial ideas and suggestions, feel free to share them on the page. Also you can check out our How to Draw Braids Tutorial. This tutorial will show you another way to create beautiful braids that you can use not only for your hair but also for your fashion Read more: how to keep fire in the rainHow to Draw a Sweater 1 Croquis Fashion and Drawing Tutorials

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