How To Draw A Rice Bowl Step By Step

This tutorial shows you how to draw a rice bowl full of rice in anime or manga style. It includes a total of 12 steps with detailed drawing examples for each step.Step by step drawing rice bowls Rice bowls are very popular in many genres of anime and manga. They seem pretty simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to create a properly structured drawing. This tutorial explains what these are and shows an approach to drawing that you can use even outside of anime and manga styles. of steps. You can darken them at the end of step ten.

Step 1 – Draw the top and bottom of the bowl


Drawing above and below the rice bowlThe drawing above and below the rice bowl Please note that this step of the tutorial looks a bit complicated but it is very important to understand if you want to be able to draw properlyAs you begin, be sure to position everything so that there is enough room at the top of your drawing area for the rice and chopsticks (if you want to add them). Start the drawing by first creating a vertical line. This helps you to know if both sides of the bowl are of equal width. Next draw a pair of horizontal lines, one for the top of the bowl and one for the bottom. Surrounding each horizontal line (as in the example), draw outlines of the top and bottom of the bowl. In the final drawing, the far side of the base (the top part of the bottom oval) will not be visible but for this step draw it as if the bowl is see-through.Top and bottom drawings of rice bowls narrationInterpretation of the drawings above and below the rice bowl Draw the top side of each oval slightly narrower than their bottom side. This is to show perspective (things appear smaller as they go away).Explain the rice bowl sightRice bowl eye level explanation Make the bottom oval taller than it is wide compared to the top oval. As you can see in the example above, if both ovals are the same width, the bottom oval will be much taller. The reason to draw this way is because of eye level. For an example of how it works, you can simply hold a real bowl in front of you and look at its top rim. If you bring it to eye level, the top will look like a straight line. The lower you lower it, the rounder it will be, since the bottom of the bowl in the example is lower than the top, it will be drawn rounder. Regarding AnimeYou can delete the horizontal guides once you’ve done this step.

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Step 2 – Draw the shape of the bowl

Outline drawing of a rice bowlDraw the outline of a rice bowl: Drag the oval downwards to draw a bowl. In this case it will be a bit closer to the semicircle/oval. Read more: How to unlock Sombra Demon Hunter – Overwatch Halloween 2019 Make sure that the shape of the bowl near the bottom is relatively similar to the shape of the bottom oval with some distance between the two. When finished, make sure that both halves of the bowl are equal. You can delete the vertical line once you’re done.

Step 3 – Finish drawing the base of the bowl

Basic drawing of rice bowlDrawing the base of the rice bowl For this simple step, you simply draw a pair of lines going down from the semicircle/oval to the bottom oval to create the bottom of the bowl.

Step 4 – Clean up the drawing

Basic drawing of rice bowlRice Bowl Basic Drawing Clean the drawing erase the “see-through” parts of the base so you have something similar to the example above. This should be a very basic drawing of the rice bowl.

Step 5 – Add Rims

Drawing of rice bowl rimDraw the edge of the rice bowl To show the bowl’s thickness, first give it a rim at the top by drawing another oval inside the larger shape that defines it at the top. oval) and narrower posteriorly (top of the oval).

Step 6 – Complete the drawing of the bowl

Basic line drawing rice bowlIn general the arc does not have sharp edges like in the previous example. To give it a smoother lock border, delete the bottom half of the outer oval as well as the top half of the inner oval so you have a drawing like in the example above. This will give a hint of a smooth round rim, so you will have quite a few finished line drawings of the rice bowl.

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Step 7 – Sketch the shape of the rice

Rice bowl rice bowl sketch drawingOutline the rice bowl Now start drawing the rice by sketching its general shape. In this case it will be a round pile, it doesn’t have to be perfectly symmetrical but for a better drawing try to make sure the rice isn’t too skewed to one side. transparent rice and try to make it as light as possible so that it is only visible.

Step 8 – Draw the grain of rice

Rice bowl with rice picturesDraw the rice bowl. Follow the outline and add what should basically be the silhouette of the rice grain. You can make the grain darker than the line in the previous step so it’s quite a bit blurred.

Step 9 – Add Chopsticks

Drawing of bowls and chopsticksUsually in anime and manga, rice will be served with chopsticks lying next to it. However, in this case, to make the drawing a little more interesting, they will be sticky with rice. Next, add some rice grains around their base to give the impression that they are actually stuck to the rice, finally instead of sticking straight to the side, the chopsticks will point slightly towards the viewer. You can show this with some oval-like shapes at their top end. Read more: How to deposit on the trampoline

Step 10 – Add More Rice Detail

Draw the rice bowl lineDrawing the Rice Bowl Finally to complete the rice bowl line drawing, you can add some hints of the small clusters of rice grains and the individual grains along the rice grain. surname.

Step 11 – Color the bowl

Rice bowl colorColoring the rice bowl If you want to color the drawing, leave a thin white line (maybe a little hard to see in the example) that is randomly divided into one or two points along the rim of the bowl. This will create an accent (reflecting light from its surface) that will make it look like a bowl with a smooth reflective surface. they are chopped) a little lighter than the rest. In this case, the light will be coming directly from above the bowl so those parts will be lighter because they’re more directed towards it.

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Step 12 – Complete the rice bowl drawing

Draw a bowl of riceRice bowl drawing In a more realistic drawing there would be smooth transitions between shadows and highlights but this example uses cel shading (no gradients) quite common in anime and manga. Portions of food can be shaded more realistically to make the dish look more appetizing. However, this is usually a single shot or a panel of the manga. Drawing/shading multiple frames/panels in such a way is often simply too time consuming. For this reason, you often see food drawn/shaded similar to the example above, especially when the characters are held in their hands. The shape of this shadow will reflect the shape of the bowl. It will be quite round but when viewed from the side it will be oval. You can also shade the lower part of the bow as well as the downward sides of each wand, as long as you add it to the right even place a some basic shadows as this can make the drawing more interesting and less flat.


Although fairly simple, this tutorial provides some very important drawing instructions. Getting your drawing structure right early on will help ensure that it looks good when finished. If you don’t get that part right then your drawing no matter how hard you try your drawing will look the same. For more food related tutorials, see: Read More: How to Draw Spindles on a Ship’s Deck

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