How To Draw A Grape Vine

This step-by-step tutorial explains how to draw a bunch of grapes using grape leaves. The examples are pretty simple line drawings that are great for beginners.Drawing Grapes Step by Step To make this tutorial easier, you can divide it into two parts. One is drawing grapes and the other is drawing leaves. Read: how to draw a vine Also you can draw both leaves and grapes at the same time by simply combining the corresponding steps for each step (Steps 1 and 4, steps 2 and 5, etc…). Be sure to start the tutorial with a pencil as you will need to erase the construction lines in several steps.

Step 1 – Outline the shape of the bunch of grapes


Draw a bunch of grapesDraw a bunch of grapes Figure out the basic shape of a bunch of grapes by drawing a set of straight construction paths/lines to frame its overall shape.

Step 2 – Draw Grapes

Painted bunch of grapesDraw the bunches Now fill in the bunch “frame” by drawing the individual shapes of each grape. For this stage, draw the grapes that are mostly visible or help define the shape of the bunch. The grapes that are almost completely visible will be in the foreground, and as the cluster curves around the grapes on the sides will become more and more obscured. (overlapped by bunches of grapes in front). Remember to keep this in mind when drawing. Read more: how to tell if meditation is working Remember to draw grapes of slightly different sizes and shapes. In this example, most of the grapes are slightly oval in shape so they are also drawn at slightly different inclines for a more natural look. This will be used in the next step.

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Step 3 – Draw Grape Background

The bunch of grapes returned to the painted grapesDraw the bunch of grapes behind the bunches Now draw some hints of the background bunches in the small spaces left between the foreground bunches in the previous step.

Step 4 – Draw the trunk

Drawing of grapesDraw the bunch of grapes Finally draw all the branches. Most of the trunks will be hidden by the grapes, so you can paint again in the openings where the grapes are less bushy. Draw the stems behind the foreground grapes but on top of the background grapes. Remove any overlaps you need. Once completed, you will have a complete drawing of the bunch of grapes. You can leave your drawing at that, or if you want to go a little further, you can move on to the next step.

Step 5 – Outline the basic shape of the leaf

Grapes with leaves sketch drawingSketch Drawing of Grapes with Leaves To make the bunch of grapes look more interesting, you can add a pair of grape leaves behind it and a small portion of the grapes on top, then use construction lines to outline the shape. rough outer form of grape leaves.Drawing of grape leavesVine leaf drawing You can see the general shape of the grape in the illustration above if you need a reference.

Step 6 – Draw the outline of the leaf

Grapes with left drawingDraw a grape shape Read more: how to arrange 2 dozen roses in a vase Now inside the line frame draw the actual organic shape of the leaves.

Step 7 – Draw the petiole

Grapes with sketchesDraw the left contours Grape with the left contours: Clean the guide lines from the previous step and from each leaf point the petiole towards the vine. The leaf on the right comes from another vine (not shown), so draw its petiole going slightly past the vine from which the left leaf originates.

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Step 8 – Draw the ridges

Draw grapesDraw the grapes Now inside the shape of the leaf draw the veins branching out in different directions you will notice that the leaves have some pointed parts on their edges. Each one of these will usually have a vein going to its tip, so draw accordingly.


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