How To Draw A Flower Pot Step By Step

If you’re looking to learn how to draw flowers in pots, I show you an easy design you can draw in just a few minutes with step-by-step instructions. Whenever I’m bored or looking for something fun to do, simple and easy flower drawings are always at the top of my list. I regularly draw flowers in my notebook, where it has become a part of my daily routine. Not to mention it’s a great way to relax and unwind at the end of each day. is a very good drawer, in fact, I’m still learning but if there’s one thing I’ve learned so far is that the more you draw, the better you get. That’s how it goes in life, am I right? Let’s start sketching! It doesn’t matter if you are a kid or a kid, these flower pot drawings are fun. You will really love this, you don’t need any fancy drawing supplies. Just grab a regular pencil, eraser and a black marker – you’re all set. This way, you will be able to improve the design or erase the mistakes you make.

How to draw flowers in pots


Step 1: Draw flower pots

Start by drawing a flower pot. This doesn’t have to be perfect, you can just fill in or darken certain points if you feel it’s too curved. Draw a long curved rectangle, then draw two lines in an angle and close it with a line connecting the two corners.

Step 2: Draw the petals

Step 2: Draw the petalsThe next step is to draw the petals for your flower. Start by drawing a half circle up from the flower pot. Then add the petals to the circle to form the flower.

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Step 3: Finish the petals

Step 3: Finish the petalsRead more: how to make snow in effects Once you’ve finished drawing the petals, your flower should now look like this.

Step 4: Attach the trunk

Step 4: Attach the trunkNext, the flower will need a stem! Draw two vertical lines down to connect the flower to the pot. You don’t have to draw a straight trunk, choose any style you want. This can be a curved trunk running from the right or the left. Totally up to you!

Step 5. Add leaves

Step 5. Add leavesNow you will need more leaves. You can do this by drawing a small curved line on the right side and drawing a petal shape around that line. On the other side of the flower, draw another small line and repeat as you did with the other leaf.SEE ALSO: How to draw leaves: 21 best tutorials for beginners

Step 6: Draw smaller ovals in the petals

Step 6: Draw smaller ovals in the petalsTo add more detail to the flower, you can add these smaller petals between the petals. Simply draw some kind of elongated oval (or smaller petal shape) using the center circle as a guide. Continue doing that for each petal until you have another smaller flower design.

Step 7: Add sugar for the smaller petals

Step 7: Add sugar for the smaller petalsWhat I usually do next is arrange the shade for the petals. You can do this by coloring the entire petal or drawing a few lines on the petal to give it more definition so that the flower drawing stands out.

Step 8: Draw more petals

Step 8: Draw more petalsA simple and easy way to make your flower drawing look more special is to add more petals! When you do this, it will make the flower look bigger and more beautiful. Draw a simple half circle by connecting one petal to the next. Keep walking around the flower until you notice all the petals have been joined by the semi-circles.

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Step 9: Add smaller flowers to the pot

Step 9: Add smaller flowers to the potDon’t leave your flowers alone. Draw a few small flowers to give it some company! All you need to do is draw a few rough flower shapes a little further from the pot’s mouth and connect them in a curved way to the flower pot.

Step 10: Detail the flower pot and the leaf

Step 10: Detail the flower pot and the leafRead more: How to Hold an accordion – Sitting & Standing Posture This step is completely optional but if you want to add a little more detail to the flower pot, just draw some of these shapes in the pot. Alternatively, you can add three V shapes to each leaf to make it look like a stem.

Step 11: Draw the ground

Step 11: Draw the groundTo add floor or surface area, draw two lines around the pot. Then you can sketch a few more lines at the corners to create more shadows, shading the pot.

Step 12: More details (optional)

Step 12: More details (optional)Since I wanted to combine the inner petals with the outside, I added a few more halves and used the same pattern with the smaller petals in the center to complete the flower drawing. You can choose to do the same or leave it as the last step. Either way, they both look great! And you’re done! Are you happy to draw this easy flower? I definitely enjoyed creating this simple flower drawing and showing you step by step how to draw flowers.SEE ALSO: How to draw tulips for beginnersThese flowers are great if you want to add it as a border to your bulletin board or use them as scribbles to fill in gaps. I also recommend trying this easy flower arrangement tutorial for kids and this detailed lily if you want to try something a little more challenging. Either way, these easy flower drawings are great if you want to explore different drawing techniques. If you’d like to try these simple flower drawings, let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear your thoughts. This is a complete guide that you can save for later. Interesting!Draw flowers easily with step by step instructionsRead more: how to draw a creepy tree

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