How To Draw A Cookie Step By Step

This tutorial shows how to draw a chocolate chip cookie in four steps. It’s short, simple and can be good for beginners who want to draw something easy.Draw cookies step by step Start the tutorial with a pencil so you can easily erase any possible errors.

Step 1 – Draw the Border of the Cookie


Cookie sketch drawingDraw the cookie outline Start by drawing the outline of the entire cookie. Although the cookie is round when viewed from an angle like this, it will appear more like an oval, so draw it accordingly.

Step 2 – Draw the Chocolates

Chocolate chip cookie drawingChocolate Cookie Drawings To make them look more realistic, draw them at different angles with some sticking out only part of the cookie. You can see different examples to see how to draw different variations of them.

Step 3 – Draw the cracks

Draw cookie linesDraw cookie lines Finally add some of the folds/cracks that form in the dough when the cookies are supported. In general, you can draw them as if they were wrapped around the shape of a cookie. Once done, review the drawing with a black marker or black pen. You can also darken the contours with a pencil if you want.

Step 4 – Coloring Cookies

Drawing cookiesDrawing cookies Read more: how to make your own cookies To color the cookies you can use paints, markers, crayons or some combination of these. The chips are melted and shiny. In order not to make the highlights brighter, you can color the part with a much lighter brown. You can use a highlighter for the darker chocolate crumbs and a brown pencil for the highlights. Color the cookies yellow/orange/brown. This is probably easiest to do with mixing some water-based paints. Alternatively, you can also use crayons to paint over several layers to get the same color.

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This is a very short and simple tutorial because there really aren’t many ways to draw a cookie like this one. For more food-related tutorials (specifically sweets), see: Read more: how to use the time-shifter in daring

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