How To Downgrade PS4 Firmware: A Simple Guide

Many people are looking to downgrade the PS4 firmware. And you can’t blame them. This is a risky activity and you must be extremely careful to avoid making an unfortunate mistake. This post provides detailed information on how to downgrade PS4 software. We urge you to read from start to finish to gain insight and make an informed decision.

Is it possible to downgrade PS4 firmware?


Yes you can. But before you start the process, know this; Downgrading PS4 software is an adventure. It’s not like Windows or Android devices have to restore or factory reset. You will have nothing but an expensive paperweight. Another thing that makes it more risky is the operating system you are installing. If you use a broken or incompatible one, then you have destroyed your video game. Also, you don’t dare to use the Internet after downgrading your PS4 software. As soon as you are online, it will update itself. Sony frowned at these moves. So they won’t fix your PS4 if any problem occurs while downgrading it. It will ensure that they have something to fall back on if anything goes wrong.

Instructions on how to downgrade PS4 firmware

Downgrading PS4 software seems like an easy task, but it’s not. It involves diverse complex processes. On top of that, it’s a risky process to try. We will try to simplify the process to make it easy to understand. Continue reading!

Method #1: Initialize PlayStation 4 from BIOS

This is a way to downgrade PS4 software. But it is not the simplest. Okay, first, launch your PlayStation 4 from the BIOS. Read more: how to hide #div/0 in google sheet To launch PS4 you need to start it in safe mode. Here’s how to achieve this.Step 1: Turn off your PS4 completely: To achieve this, locate and press the PS4 power button. It will flash a few times before the panel finally turns off.Step 2: Hold the power button: When you do this you will hear one beep and another beep will appear after about seven second. When you hear the second beep, release the power button. Step 3: At this point, you may have started your PlayStation in safe mode. All you need to do now is plug the controller into your PS4 and press the console’s button. You need to connect the DualShock controller to the console via USB if you want to control it from this point on. Turn off your PlayStation 4 and turn it back on to exit safe mode. It will even reboot normally, now let’s continue how to downgrade PS4 firmware by initializing from BIOS. But remember, you need to save data in a PlayStation 4. Otherwise, you may lose everything.

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Method #2: Using PlayStation Recovery Mode:

Load PlayStation 4 in recovery mode. We explained that in the previous tip, also, after you successfully put your PS4 in recovery mode, download version 5.05 to a USB drive. You’ll find a list of options to choose from, with thumb drive being one of them. Select a USB drive and install new software on your PS4. But please note that you can’t use the Internet whenever you turn on your PlayStation 4. As soon as you’re online, PlayStation will update and you certainly won’t. want that .

Method #3: Using illegal software:

Several out-of-market sites offer software to downgrade PS4 software. First, go to the website and check out the recommended software. Make sure it’s a reputable platform. You can check reviews from other users for clues. Now download the software to a thumb drive or external USB drive. Then use it to install your operating system. Read more: How to become immortal in Crusader Kings II | Top Q&AAll software comes with instructions on how to use them. So check out the guide on how to install your PS4 operating system with the illegal software you are using. , the software may be corrupted or incompatible. Once you start downgrading, you won’t be able to go back. So if the software doesn’t work, you can’t restore or factory reset your PlayStation 4. What’s more, Sony won’t even listen to your pleas to fix such a PS4. And no tech expert can help you with this, so be careful and prepare for the worst. Be careful with the out-of-market site from which you get your software. Chances are, you might be downloading a corrupted file to use on your PS4.

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Is it difficult to downgrade PS4 Firmware?

Yes, it is not easy. And the sooner you realize it, the better. Sonny did not design the PS4 firmware to downgrade. After the PS4 updates to the new software, it no longer accepts the old software. That’s how the console works. Sonny wants your PS4 firmware up to date for security reasons. They know that making it easier for PS4 users to downgrade their devices creates a backdoor for hackers to get in.

  • Sonny has included extra protection on their control panel with a private key.
  • If you end up breaking SAMU, then downgrading will be what worries you the most. You must get the SAMU keys.
  • Many parts of the dashboard will be flashing and updated. So chances are you didn’t downgrade x64/syscon/samu properly. It may not even start.
  • Sonny encrypted the hard drive. Therefore, it will not pop up on your computer system by default.
  • The moment you delete the partition, you will lose data. This implies that you will not have a clue or look for anything in the data again. All has disappeared.
  • Upgrading the PlayStation 4 software means writing a new program on the hard drive and making changes to the motherboard’s ROM. The data in the hard drive is used for system changes.

So when you upgrade your firmware, your motherboard’s ROM will also be upgraded. If you finally decide to format the HDD or flash the FW with a lower version, there may be a problem. It may not pass security checks or match ROM instructions.

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We have already explained how to downgrade PS4 firmware. Now it remains for you to decide if you want to finish it or not. But ask yourself this question before you continue. Is the benefit of downgrading worth it for you to risk my PS4? There’s a lot at stake when you downgrade your PS4 firmware. You could lose your game forever, Honestly, if you weigh the risks and benefits, you have a good reason not to downgrade. Top Q&A

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