How To Do Jacobs Ladder Step By Step

Step-by-step instructions for making Jacob’s Ladder chains with pictures. Includes a video and printable page about the settings. Are you one of those kids who taught all the other kids how to make Jacob’s Ladder? Remember how happy you were when you were finally able to do it? It’s years later and you can’t remember how – so here’s a guide you can teach your child step by step along with a video to demonstrate those tricky parts. This is a great activity to play in the car during a trip to keep the kids busy for hours. Be sure to check out my YouTube video to see the steps in motion. Read: how to do a step-by-step jacobs ladder Start with a string of the right length. Wrap it from your thumb around your elbow about two and a half times to determine the length of cord you need. Then tie the ends together into a circle and trim the ends. You can watch this step-by-step tutorial in the video at the bottom of this page or at my youtube for how to do the Jacobs Ladder!

Here are the steps to make Jacob’s Ladder:


Step 1 Start with the rope through both of your palms in the open position. Use your index finger to grab the string from each of your palms. This position is called “open A”. It will look like this.Step 2Drop the thumb strings. Bring your thumb to the bottom and grab the last string with your thumb. It will look like this.jacobs2 . ladder

Step 3

With both of your thumbs, reach over the first string and select the second.jacobs 3 . ladder

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Step 4

Read more: How to avoid pain while working Cut the little finger string. With your little finger, reach over the last string and grab the next string.jacobs4 . ladder

Step 5

Release the thumb string. These are called the wise people of cats! (My cat meowed at the right moment when I was filming this part in my kitchen. Listen to it in the video)jacobs 5 . ladder

Step 6

With your thumbs, glide over the first two strings and pick the third.jacobs6 . ladder

Step 7

This next part is hard. Be sure to watch the video where I show this very slowly. Using your right hand, lift the string from the outside of the index finger of your left hand and place it over your left thumb. Now there are two strings on your left thumb. Then lift the string at the bottom of your left thumb over your left thumb. You should now have a string on your thumb again.jacobs 7 . ladder

Step 8

Now repeat the last step on your other side. (Use your left hand to place the string from the outside of the index finger of your right hand over your right thumb. Now there are two strings on your right thumb. Then lift the string under the right thumb upwards. right thumb. You should now have a string on your right thumb again.)jacobs8 . ladder

Step 9

Looking down at the design, insert your index fingers into the triangle hole next to your thumb (watch the video!). Turn your hands down and away from your face, while carefully releasing the string of your little finger. The strings on the back of your index fingers will slide out and your index fingers will lift one of the triangle strings as you do this. Be careful NOT to drop the thumb cord when you do this. Watch the video carefully for this step. That’s the hardest part!jacobs9a thang ladderjacobs9b . ladderNow you should make Jacob’s ladder!jacobs scale 10

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How to take it apart

Read more: How to Cook a Croaker in the Oven To undo Jacob’s Ladder without messing up your strings, place the entire string design on the table and pull the two center cords from top to bottom. This will undo without getting stuck.jacobs scale11With practice, you should be able to make Jacob’s Ladder quickly and easily. Good luck!

Printable manual page

printable Jacob’s Ladder guidePrint this manual so you can take it with youVIDEO:And finally, if you need real-time visuals, here’s a step-by-step video tutorial on how to make Jacobs Ladder!You might also like, “How to earn Cootie Catchercootie catcherYou will also like How to make a paper popper ! Read more: how to say hello in Vietnamese | Top Q&Apaper popper demolaurel signature for the post

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