How To Do A Twist Out On Transitioning Hair

After switching for just over 2 years, I experimented with knots, braids and bantu and, admittedly, made a lot of mistakes.

Now that I’ve cut most of my straight ends, I can now really enjoy twisting without the extra fixation bar! I decided to renew my old shampoo because I felt my curls were dry and lost their bounce. To do this, I decided to apply a double twist using a new product, Hydratherma Naturals Aloe Anti-twisting Cream, and the results have been amazing. It’s the best twist I’ve ever had so I’ve put together some of my tips for getting the perfect twist.1. Renew old laundry with a turning point. Your hair will be less defined for easier styling and manipulation. I find that applying curls right after shampooing can be very strenuous and tiring when you’ve just gone through the process of separating, cleaning, and deep conditioning. #WashDayProblemsRead more: how to keep rv pipes from freezing while camping2. I started with dry hair and separate the hair into 4 sections on each side of the head. I spray water on each section that I am working on so that my hair is still damp but not wet. This helped the product seep into my hair and it was easier for me to brush my fingers while twisting. I prefer working with damp hair because it also doesn’t take long to air dry.3. Duplicate product! If you are like me, you have thick hair and curls are prone to dryness. So it’s probably best to layer your products. I use the LOC method by moistening my hair, applying oil, and then applying cream. This ensures my hair will still be moisturized the next day when I untwist it.4. Use products with great hold and natural ingredients. You don’t want a twist that looks eye-catching but leaves your hair feeling sticky, flaky, and dry. I used Hydratherma Naturals Aloe Curl Enhanced Twist Cream.5. Twist your hair a few hours before going to bed and then sleep with them under a satin towel. This is essential if you want your show to be perfect the next day! The satin wrap will help style and moisturize it all.6. Remember to apply oil Hold your hands while undoing your curls, as you want to smooth your hair and prevent any tension that could cause frizz. How do you achieve the perfect turning point? Visit Style Nook for more fresh inspiration. And follow me on Instagram, @UKCurlyGirlRead more: how to add textures in maya

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