How to depot MAC makeup

Here’s What You’ll Get Read: how to store mac eyeshadow STEP 2: Turn on a flat iron, take out a square piece of tin foil and place your toner cartridge on top. Your goal here is to melt the glue that holds that little metal pan stuck inside the cartridge. I leave it for a good 30 seconds. If it does not come apart easily with a pin (next step) reheat it Read more: How to close the ironIMG 1616STEP 4: Get some goo out or rub alcohol and rub the glue off the metal pan STEP 5: Take a thin magnet (you can buy it at any craft store) and stick double-sided tape to one side Read more: how to change the battery in infiniti fx35 key fobI used my sticky tape Stick it to the back of your clean panPhotobucketRead more: how to be a reviewer for scientific journals

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