How To Delete Messages On Reddit

The most active Reddit users don’t just browse their favorite subreddits. They post comments, provide feedback on rule changes, offer advice to new users, and keep interesting conversations happening in private messages. All of which can lead to a very busy inbox that always needs to be cleaned up. The good news is that deleting unwanted messages is very simple on desktop browsers Read: how to delete messages on reddit This article explains how to delete messages from your Reddit inbox.

Delete Reddit messages via desktop browser

1. Sign in to your reddit account and open your Reddit messages inbox.Read more: how to get leverage in trapped worm2. Find and open the message you want to delete. Click the word ‘delete’ directly below the selected message. (It’s usually next to ‘permalink.’)Delete message on reddit4. Click ‘yes’ when the Yes/No prompt appears. Please note, you can only delete private messages received from other browsers. You cannot delete messages sent to and received by other redditors because a copy will remain in their private inbox until they decide to delete it. So think carefully before you send PM Read more: How to get covered covid tests at home This method is the same whether you are using old or new Reddit.

Delete Reddit messages via Mobile App

Currently, it is not possible to delete Reddit messages via the mobile app. It’s a long-awaited feature and something many redditors want to see. Hopefully, it will be an update in the near future. For now, it’s only for desktops. If you need to delete messages, use the quick method detailed above. Then, log in to your mobile account to activate the change. The chat function is a little different. It’s technically separate from Reddit’s private messaging tool, and you can delete IMs via the app.

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Deleting private messages on Reddit couldn’t be simpler, although many redditors feel like a portable tool is missing from the experience. While you can’t delete PMs directly on the app, deleting them via the desktop will trigger a change on your mobile account. This can be inconvenient, but it shouldn’t take long to delete messages using your mobile phone’s standard web browser. Read more : How to reset cobra dvr password

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