How To Delete History On Samsung Galaxy S5

Privacy is an ongoing and concerned issue these days, especially as we use our smartphones for anything and everything. If you’re a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S5 and want to learn how to clear or clear your browser history, we’ve got you covered. and we are sure you have your reasons, so here we will explain how to do so on Galaxy S5. Read: how to clear history on samsung galaxy s5Read: Galaxy S5 and LG G3When it comes to clearing your browser history on Android, there are several different scenarios here. An important factor is that there are many different 3rd party browsers for Android, and they all have slightly different settings. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 (or all Galaxy devices) has its own browser called “Internet” and that’s where we’ll focus today.If you’re signed in to your Google account, which we assume you’re using when using Android, any websites you visit or search for will be saved and remembered. That’s unless you’ve turned off history or are using an incognito tab, which we’ll talk more about below. how to clear browser history on Samsung Galaxy S5. Whether you don’t want your kids to see what you bought for their birthday, or for other reasons we won’t address, here’s how.


As we stated above, there are many options and 3rd party browsers available on the Google Play Store for users and from manufacturers. Google Chrome is the most popular and on most devices these days, which we’ll cover below, but most Galaxy S5 owners use the built-in browser. So let’s start with that. This will bring up a pop-up menu where you will scroll down and select “settings”, then simply navigate to “Privacy”.gs5-historyOnce in the privacy settings menu, you’ll see several options to customize the user’s privacy on the device. One of the common ones is whether the device remembers form data and passwords. I keep this so I don’t have to re-enter my password, but I also have a lock screen security in place. The last option is the one you want to choose, illustrated for you below. Read more: How to build a hard-sided pop-up campergs5-historygoneGo ahead and tap on “Clear personal data,” which will take you to the full list of web browser history options. From here, you’ll be able to clear your browser history, cache, cookies and site data, and even your autofill information and passwords. Autofill is handy because it remembers email and login information, so don’t delete that unless you absolutely need to. . This will take a few seconds, to more than a minute, depending on how much you browse the web or how often users delete your routes. Once you’ve selected what you want and pressed done, the Galaxy S5 will clear your browser history. It’s gone, and you’re ready to go. For Google Chrome, the process on the Galaxy S5 is essentially the same, only with a slightly different label. Tap the same three-dot menu button and select “History,” then tap the “Clear browsing data” button at the bottom. You will get a checkbox option similar to the one shown above and you can control what you permanently delete and what stays. The only benefit of Chrome is that you can erase individual site visits, rather than everything or nothing, so it looks like you’re hiding your tracks.

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Incognito mode

To prevent this from becoming an issue, you can simply use something called Incognito Mode. Once you’re in the Galaxy S5 browser, tap the menu and enable Incognito Mode. This makes it so that the browser won’t remember or save any history, passwords, logins or track what you do. This is your best bet and something that many users should consider. There are many browsers on the Google Play Store that do this by default and will never remember any of your data. Dolphin Zero is a good app, and even the less popular Opera Browser has a browser-wide privacy mode that you can enable. I want to use stock browser or Chrome, but per user. What we do on smartphones is our own business so make sure and take the steps mentioned above to prevent saving and viewing it. Or simply delete anything you don’t want to fall into the wrong hands. Read more: how to make your generator as quiet as a cricket | Top Q&A

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