How To Decorate A Room With Slanted Walls

Image source: Read: how to decorate slanted walls Figuring out how to decorate your walls can be challenging enough, let alone trying to figure out how to decorate slanted walls. Traditional picture hanging ideas may not work because the angle you are looking at can distort the image. This means you may want to get creative when planning bare walls. Below, we’ve rounded up some ideas that can help spark some inspiration for your walls.

1. Wallpaper


Decorative wallpaper on slanted wallImage source: @caitlinwilsondesign While it may be a relatively old-fashioned classic, wallpaper can be a great idea to cover a wall or even just a part. Wallpaper often doesn’t need to look straight to look good, and on a slanted wall the biggest problem can be applying it. However, if you work carefully and have the right tools, setting a background image can create a dynamic look. Choose something without a clear repeating pattern to avoid a distorted look. You can also use a sloping wall as an accent wall for a room, so think about your theme and consider what colors and patterns would look good.

2. Contrasting colors

Slanted wall design - contrasting colors - Rumor DesignBy topqa.infoRead more: How to change contact name in whatsapp One way to reduce the difference of slanted wall is to implement color blocking with contrasting colors. You can create stripes, or geometric patterns, or even blend colors from one color to another. It can be used to highlight the wall and make the room feel less closed by the slant. You can mix and match the color of the rest of the room so that the wall blends in and still looks like a cohesive part of the room. However, you’ll probably want to use light or pale colors to avoid making the room feel smaller and cave-like.

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3. Add visual texture

Create dimension on your wall by attaching wooden beams or installing wooden struts. This is a great way to add some visual texture without changing too much but also makes a big difference in the way the walls and room are perceived. If you already have exposed wooden beams, consider tinting it to make it the focal point of the room. You can make it an appropriate color to match your existing theme or contrast it to give some new elements to the room.

4. Carpets

Decorate slanted walls with tapestriesImage source: Read: how to decorate a slanted wall Instead of letting a rug or other wall accessory hang straight down, you can pin all four corners to the wall. You can relax to add dimension to the wall by rolling it out, or you can press firmly against the wall so it lies flat. What you decide is a matter of personal preference and how much space you have and need. A general rule of thumb is that if it’s a pattern, hanging it loosely can provide visual interest, and if the rug has a lot of pictures or pictures on it, laying it flat will help bring in the angle. look best. Recommended reading: How to choose a wall clock for your home

5. Decals and stencils

Decorative decals on slanted wallImage source: Read more: how to make deep-fried chocolate chip cookies with canned cookies Adding decals and stencils in peel-and-stick decals is a great decoration if you’re renting. Even if you don’t like it and you tend to want to change the look of a room often, this is a quick and cheap way to tweak the feel of the room. You can choose many smaller decals around the room to evoke a certain theme like birds flying around or the starry night sky. There are also larger stencils that you can apply on the panels, such as the tree that curves from the main wall, to the slanted wall, and up to the ceiling. If you want something more abstract so that its theme is more neutral, you can also choose stripes, shapes or dots to get an interesting and varied look for your walls. .

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6. Clock

Bramwell Brown weather clock on slanted wallWhile hanging a clock on a slanted wall can be challenging, it’s worth a try as clocks are a great addition to wall decor. The only thing you need to do is find a clock that has a good side face and is nice enough for your room. Watches such as the Bramwell Brown Weather Watch, which has a solid side case and deep bezel, can look perfect on a slanted wall because they make the side view of the watch more interesting.

7. Lighting

Inclined wall lighting designIf your budget allows, you might consider placing a skylight against a slanted wall. Although more expensive than the other ideas above, it allows natural light to flood in to help counterbalance the enclosed space of slanted walls. Additionally, natural light helps boost the mood and is a beautiful way to complement the space. Spaces with slanted walls tend not to receive a lot of light because ceiling lights are hard to come by to illuminate the entire room and space for floor lamps is limited. This is also a modern way to refresh the room if it is part of an old house. Another way to light up your room is to hang string lights from the wall, let them flow and let go if you fasten them to the slanting end and then. at the bottom. It’s a lot cheaper than a skylight, and still offers a way to brighten up your space. For example, the rug can be cut out of an old dress and sewn back into a section that can be pinned to the wall. . You can also get creative and combine a few ideas. If you already have a wallpaper that you want to do something different, try stenciling or decals on. There are many ideas to come when creating a space that you will enjoy for a long time.

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