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Learn how to cut chives quickly and simply. Purple onion is a milder-flavored onion than its yellow and sweet cousins. These tasty onions are more elongated and often smaller than yellow onions, they tend to be more clove-like than stand-alone like purple onions. You will peel them off the same way you would with garlic. When you’re picking a shallot, shoot for one that’s firm to the touch and doesn’t get squashed.

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  • chopping board
  • knife sharpener

What is a chive?

A shallot is an onion. It has a milder flavor than its cousins. It is very common in French cooking and it is used in all kinds of sauces. If I was going to use a substitute for shallots, I would use shallots.

6 easy steps to slicing a shallot

We have two different ways to cut these shallots. Most people will end up dicing chives to make it really good. Diced onions are very popular in pan sauces or a dish with diced onions. You can do this to get a piece slightly larger than a dice. You also can’t cut it in half and end up with some delicious shallot rings.

Cut off the top of the stem

cut chivesRead more: skimming for fishing Cut off the end of a shallot. We want to leave the original end so it stays all intact when we cut it. You can trim a little bit at the tip of the roots if it’s easier to peel the skin.


peel the skin of shallotsThe little guys can be tactful. You want to peel off the skin without damaging the shallot. You can use a knife to slice into a very fine slice to have something to grab. Sometimes your nails will work just fine without a knife. You can soak shallots in some warm water and this will help you when you are trying to peel off that skin. Soak them for about 1/2 hour or so and then slice them according to the instructions below.

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Cut in half

shallots cut in halfYou are simply trying to cut a long shallot past the tip of the root. This will get you set up to trim and crop.

Cut towards the root end

cut into shallotsWith a sharp knife, you want to cut towards the end of the roots. Slice as wide as you want. I like to cut in the 1/8″ range. Be careful to keep your fingers out of the way while doing this step. Read more: How to make a dirt bike fork You shouldn’t cut the whole onion so you have something that will keep the onions dry when you cut them into pieces in the next step.

Cut the shallot horizontally

chives seedsNow you are ready to cut them into small pieces. Go ahead and slice them in the opposite direction to the size you did in the previous step, this will leave you with perfectly fine diced onions. and go back and forth and chop them off with the tip of a knife.

Thai onion

Thai onionSliced ​​green onions are very popular for all kinds of dishes. Cut off both ends of the red onion, peel off the thin skin, and then slice the scallions very thinly along the purple onion. That’s the simple way to cut them.

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