How To Cut Metal Conduit With Wires Inside

There are several ways to cut flexible metal conduit (FMC), or cables made of interlocking armor, such as the old-fashioned MC, AC, or BX. spiral structure – the edges of the spiral band link together. You want to cut? through the spiral.Read: how to cut metal conduit with wire inside This illustration shows the cut you want on old fashioned BX cable, but the idea is still the same:The simplest, fastest, most consistent way is to use a special tool manufactured by Seatek, Roto-split: Read more: How to clean the rigRotosplitThe screw on the underside of the tool clamps the armor in place. The handwheel rotates the circular metal cutting saw with less spiral cutting. There is an adjustable set screw to limit the depth of the cut. You squeeze the handle to press the wheel down, turning and stopping as you pass the high end of the spiral strip. You should be able to untwist the cable to separate or bend the cable to pull it apart at the cut, and untwist. You can make the same cut the rotosplit makes with a hacksaw, but it will be a little more difficult to hold the cable in place. soft in place while you make that cut. But in the OP’s case with only one cut to make, you can either hold the piece tight or else clamp it and carefully make the cut. You bend the cable just hard enough for the interlocking edges to pull apart, then untwist to separate the strip further. You can then clip the patch where it was pulled out. Read more: how to glue eyelashes without gluebend and untwistThis is quick but a bit sloppy – the armor will be a bit torn, you’ll need to tidy up the cut ends by trimming the torn part. Luckily, you’ll have the right tool for pruning handy, along with a set of dikes. Personally, I don’t like this method with MC or AC cables, because sometimes you will put insulation of the wires inside. If I have to do more than a few cuts, I get Roto-split. Whichever way you cut, this process leaves a very sharp edge on the metal close to the wire – too close to be comfortable. Connectors used with FMC/MC/AC are typically designed so that, once fitted, the wire does not come into contact with the edge of the armor. They also make anti-short, plastic split bushings that slide over the end of the armor:anti-short bushingSome consider anti-short bushings optional or unnecessary, I’m in the camp consider them necessary wherever you go, unless you’re using screws in the connectors, which are no longer common, but provide the best possible protection for the wire:screw into the jointRead more: Acrylic paint on leather: How to paint and seal leather

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